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Get information about current running passenger processes

With passenger-status --show=requests you can get a huge JSON showing current information about the running passenger processes.

This can be useful if you want to find out what a passenger process is doing at the moment (for e.g. if one worker seems to be stuck):

* PID: 4273 Sessions: 1 Processed: 47 Uptime: 50m 53s CPU: 43% Memory : 3644M Last used: 49m 24s ago Shutting down...

This passenger process is using too much memory and seems it's Last used timestamp is old. The worker is processing a extremely long running request or is stuck. You can search for the PID of the process in passenger-status --show=requests:

# (this is just a snipped) "last_data_receive_time" : { "local" : "Wed Jan 31 12:26:51 2018", "relative" : "49m 23s ago", "relative_timestamp" : -2962.9902181625366, "timestamp" : 1517398011.2357969 }, "last_data_send_time" : null, "method" : "GET", "path" : "/admin/search_user?query=4", "refcount" : 1, "request_body_already_read" : 0, "request_body_fully_read" : true, "request_body_type" : "NO_BODY", "response_begun" : false, "session" : { "gupid" : "18asd3ed-U4FSeggT0O", "pid" : 4273 },
  • "last_data_send_time" : null, tells me, that this process did not return any data to the client
  • "path" : "/admin/search_user?query=4", shows me the request caused the issue
  • "last_data_receive_time" : { "local" : "Wed Jan 31 12:26:51 2018", shows me when the request came in

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