Your agile knowledge collaboration tool

  • simplify knowledge management
  • solve problems only once
  • share solutions on the web

What is it good for?

makandra cards is almost as powerful as a wiki, but much more accessible and easier to maintain:

  • organize information with simple cards
  • attach files to cards
  • automagically group cards into topics
  • full-text search with find-as-you-type
  • love the lightweight design
  • manage multiple decks and users
  • access your cards from any web browser
  • make chosen cards visible to the public (if you want)

What will it cost?


for 10 users
Publicly visible cards
Confidential cards
How can I get it?
See Pricing.


use at no charge
Publicly visible cards
Confidential cards
limited to 10
How can I get it?
Simply sign up!

What is it about?

makandra cards used to be our in-house knowledge base where developers shared HOWTOs with each other. We like to never solve the same problem twice, so documenting our solutions is an important part of our daily work. Our team loved it. Productivity skyrocketed.

In 2010 we decided to make our knowledge available to the general public. The feedback we received from our clients and the community was so amazing that we decided to make makandra cards — a web-based knowledge management tool for everyone.

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