HTML5: disabled vs. readonly form fields

Form fields can be rendered as noneditable by setting the disabled or the readonly attribute. Be aware of the differences:

disabled fields

  • don’t post to the server
  • don’t get focus
  • are skipped while tab navigation
  • available for button, fieldset, input, select, textarea, command, keygen, optgroup, option

Browser specific behavior:

  • IE 11: text inputs that are descendants of a disabled fieldset appear disabled but the user can still interact with them
  • Firefox: selecting text in a disabled text field is no…

PostgreSQL: Upgrading your user to a superuser

Your default postgres user is named like your linux user. That default user has limited access privileges, which can cause issues such as:

  • DatabaseCleaner needs to disable foreign key constraints before it can wipe the database.
  • Importing a remote dump with geordi
  • Asking Postgres to show the storage path of a database

Doing these things without a superuser will show a Postgres error or (in Ruby) raise PG::InsufficientPrivilege.

To do so, the application's PostgreSQL user must be a superuser. …

Mysql::Error: BLOB/TEXT column can't have a default value

mysql> SELECT @@global.version;
| @@global.version |
| 5.6.30           |
1 row in set (0,00 sec)

MySQL 5.6 Reference Manual says "BLOB and TEXT columns cannot have DEFAULT values".

If you want to run migrations in development here are two variants which might help. If you are not sure about the side effects (e.g. your application is broken when it doesn't set additional default values on application side, too…


Using Passenger Standalone for development

For our production servers we use Passenger as a Ruby application server. While it is possible to use Passenger for development as an Apache module, the installation process is not for the faint of heart.

Luckily Passenger also comes as a standalone binary which requires zero configuration.

You can Passenger Standalone as a replacement for Webrick or Thin if you'd like to:

  • Use SSL certificates locally
  • Get performance behavior that is closer to …

How to control Chromedriver using curl

Here is how to use Chromedriver without libraries like selenium-webdriver. This can be useful for debugging.

The following example visits a web page and reads the a headline's text contents.

  1. Create a session:

    curl -XPOST http://localhost:9515/session -d '{"desiredCapabilities":{"browserName":"chrome"}}'

    You will get a JSON response containing lots of information about your Chrome session, including a sessionId. Use this to send any future commands to your chromedriver session.


Testing ActiveRecord validations with RSpec

Validations should be covered by a model's spec.

Recipe for testing any validation

In general any validation test for an attribute :attribute_being_tested looks like this:

  1. Make a model instance (named record below)
  2. Run validations by saying record.valid?
  3. Check if record.errors[:attribute_being_tested] contains the expected validation error
  4. Put the attribute into a valid state
  5. Run validations again by saying record.valid?
  6. Check if record.errors[:attribute_being_tested] does *…

Calling a helper method with the same name as your current partial

Partials always define a local variable with the same name as themselves. E.g. when you are in _recent_users.html.erb, a local variable recent_users will be defined and overshadow any helper method that is also called recent_users().

If you would like to use a helper method recent_users() in a partial _recent_users.html.erb you can say this in the partial template:

<% recent_users = self.recent_users() %>
<% recent_users.each do |user| %>
<% end %>

How to: Fix incorrect MySQL client library version

Bundler::GemRequireError: There was an error while trying to load the gem 'mysql2'.
Gem Load Error is: Incorrect MySQL client library version! This gem was compiled for 5.5.46 but the client library is 5.6.30.

Same as in Fix " cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory":

gem pristine mysql2

gem pristine re-installs a gem (without re-downloading), re-compiling all native extensions in the process.

How to: Solve gem loaded specs mutex

Use bundler > 1.15 to fix Gem::LOADED_SPECS_MUTEX (NameError).

Given the following project:

ruby -v
ruby 1.8.7

bundler -v
Bundler version 1.13.7

gem -v

rails -v

Running specs or features resulted in:

uninitialized constant Gem::LOADED_SPECS_MUTEX (NameError)

The previous settings described in Maximum version of Rubygems and Bundler for Ruby 1.8.7 and Rails 2.3 (even the rails version was rails 3.2 and not 2.3) seems not to work here, so I used (also described in the ca…


Traversing the DOM tree with jQuery

jQuery offers many different methods to move a selection through the DOM tree. These are the most important.

Get the descendants of each element in the current set of matched elements, filtered by a selector. Does not find the current element, even it matches. If you wanted to do that, you need to write $element.find(selector).addBack(selector).
Get the first ancesto…
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Ruby: Removing leading whitespace from HEREDOCs

If you're on Ruby 2.3+ there's a <<~ operator to automatically unindent HEREDOCs:

str = <<~MESSAGE
  Hello Universe!
  This is me.

If you have an older Ruby, you can use the String#strip_heredoc method from ActiveSupport. See Summarizing heredoc in ruby and rails for an example.


Chrome: Making high-resolution website screenshots without add-ons

If you want to make a screenshot of a website that works well in print or on a high-DPI screen (like Apple Retina displays), here is how you can capture a high-resolution screenshot.

You can do this without an addon:

  • Open the website
  • If you have multiple monitoros:
    • Resize the Chrome window so it covers multiple monitors (in Linux you can hold ALT and resize by dragging with the right mouse button)
    • Zoom into the page using CTRL + and CTRL - so it covers most of the window area. Leave generous padding on the left and right so…

Don't name columns like counter_cache columns

ActiveRecord has a feature called counter caching where the containing record in a has_many relationship caches the number of its children. E.g. when you have House has_many :rooms, Rails can cache the number of rooms in House#rooms_count.

Mind that when a model has a column that looks to Rails like a counter-cache column, Rails will apply counter-cache logic to your model, even if you're not using counter caches.

E.g. you have a house with 12 rooms, but `house.r…

How to: Restart vnc server for geordi

Trying to open a vnc window with geordi geordi vnc ended up with this error:

> VNC viewer could not be opened:
vncviewer: ConnectToTcpAddr: connect: Connection refused

Check if vncserver 17 (default geordi session) is running:

ps -aux|grep vnc

If you see Xvnc4 :17 then the server is already running. Kill this server if it is already running.

vncserver -kill :17


List of :status symbols for rendering in Rails

When your Rails controller calls render, you can pass a :status option for the HTTP status code:

render 'results', status: 400

All important status codes also have a symbol alias, which makes your code easier to read:

render 'results', status: :bad_request

Attached is a list of available symbol values for :status.


How to stub class constants in RSpec

Hint: There's another card with this helper for Cucumber features.

Sometimes you feel like you need to stub some CONSTANT you have defined in an other class. Since actually constants are called constants because they're constant, there's no way to easily stub a constant.

Here are three solutions for you.

Easiest solution

Rethink! Do you really need CONSTANT = %w[foo bar] to be constant? In many cases, setting it as a…


CSS: Opacity is not inherited in Internet Explorer

Elements will not inherit their parent's opacity in IE for no good reason. This can lead to unexpected behaviour when you want to fade/hide an element and all its children.

To fix it, give the element defining the opacity a non-static positioning. For example:

.foo {
  opacity: 0.2;
  position: relative; /* for IE */

While the linked article describes this problem for IE9 and below, I have encountered the same issue in IE10 and IE11.

Just go away, Internet Explorer!

RSpec expects pending tests to fail

When flagging a spec that will be implemented later as pending, include a failing spec body or RSpec 3 will consider the pending test as failing.

The reasoning is: If the spec is flagged as pending but passes, it should not be pending. So these will fail:

it 'does something' do

it 'does something else' do
  expect(1).to eq(1)

The first case may be unexpected, if you just wanted to write down that something should eventually happen that will be implemented later.

Instead, …

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