Puppet: Could not evaluate: Field 'device' is required

If you get an error like this for a puppet mount:

$ > puppet agent –test
Info: Retrieving pluginfacts
Info: Retrieving plugin
Info: Loading facts
Info: Caching catalog for
Info: Applying configuration version '1483001792'
Info: Computing checksum on file /etc/fstab
Info: FileBucket got a duplicate file {md5}34b9adc036cf1dbd2392df84f921547d
Notice: /Stage[main]/Foobar/Swap_file::Files[default]/Mount[/var/swapfile]/ensure: defined 'ensure' as 'defined'
Error: /Stage[main]/Foobar/Swap_file::Files[default]/Mount[/var/s…


Live CSS / view reloading

Next time you have to do more than trivial CSS changes on a project, you probably want to have live CSS reloading, so every time you safe your css, the browser updates automatically. It's pretty easy to set up and will safe you a lot of time in the long run. It will also instantly reload changes to your html views.

Simply follow the instructions below, taken from

Install CSS live reload (only once per project)

  1. Add th…

How to doubleclick in Selenium

Put the attached file into features/support/.

Example usage:

When /^I open the task named "(.+?)"$/ do |task_name|
  task = page.all('.task').detect do |t|
    t.find('.label').text.downcase == task_name.downcase

Note: only Selenium understands doubleclicks.\ Credits: the attached Capybara issue discussion.


Howto show jQuery event handler on element

Chrome gives you the currently selected element in the inspector with $0. If you select a button in the DOM you can set and inspect the event handler with the following two code lines:

$($0).on('click', function() { console.log('Hello') })
jQuery._data($0, "events").click[0].handler
// => "function () { console.log('Hello') }"

This is useful for debugging.

Bundler: Gemfile.lock is corrupt & gems are missing from the DEPENDENCIES section

So you're getting this failure when running bundle install on an older project:

Your Gemfile.lock is corrupt. The following gems are missing from the DEPENDENCIES section: 'archive-tar-minitar' 'hoe' 'rcov'

This happens when you are using a new version of Bundler with a project that was bundled with a very old version of Bundler. For reasons unknown, the Bundler dependency API returns different dependencies for some gems (like ruby-debug or rainpress) than the dependencies found in the downloaded gemspecs. While old versi…

Repeats Most comfortable and free favicon generator

Eduardo Russo was tired of complex favicon creation and created his own favicon generator. It's really easy and allows a lot of image editing before rendering the favicons, in all needed sizes, formats and with the HTML needed to include them!

In Rails applications with Haml …

  • put all the favicon files into /public
  • store the HTML to app/views/layouts/_favicon.html
  • add = render 'layouts/favicon' to <head> in your application layout(s)

… and you'…


MySQL: Creating many records works faster in a transaction

When you need to insert many records into the same table, a fast way to do it is to have a single INSERT statement describing multiple rows. Unfortunately there is no way to do this through ActiveRecord.

What you can do to save time is to open a transaction and save multiple records within that transaction:

transaction do
  500.times { Model.create! }

Although you will still trigger 500 INSERT statements, they will complete considerably faster.

When I trie…

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Font Combiner

Font Combiner offers a way to tweak and adjust any TTF or OTF font (license permitting), by bringing in font glyphs as vector shapes, providing a completely overhauled font generated to the user's specification with alternative metrics options, alternative hinting types, kerning and spacing options and the facility to make any average free font look great.

Examples are here

Fix Rubygems binary error: undefined method `activate_bin_path' for Gem:Module (NoMethodError)

So you're getting an error like this:

undefined method `activate_bin_path' for Gem:Module (NoMethodError)

Here is what happened:

  • You installed a recent version of Rubygems
  • You installed some gems that install a binary (like bundle, rake or rails) with code that only works with modern Rubygems versions
  • You downgraded Rubygems to an older versions, which doesn't change any binaries
  • When calling binaries with the old Rubygems version, it cannot process the line Gem.activate_pin_path(...) that was written out by th…

Net::SSH::Exception: could not settle on encryption_client algorithm

TL;DR: Update the 'net-ssh' gem by adding to your Gemfile:

gem 'net-ssh', '=2.9.1'

Now run bundle update net-ssh. It has no dependencies so it shouldn't update other gems.

If you're using Ruby 1.8.7 and want to update net-ssh to a version > 2.9.1 you also need to add this to your gemfile:

gem 'backports', :require => false

… and in your deploy.rb add this:

require 'backports/1.9.2/array/select' 


You propably have an older version of Capistrano and thereby an older version of `n…


Take care of indentation and blank lines when using .erb for plain text emails

Building plain text emails with an .erb template doesn't allow you to indent code like you normally do in HTML mails.


<%= 'foo' if bar %>

"\n" if bar is false

"foo\n" if bar is true

<%= nil %>


<% if true %>
  <%= 'foo' %>
<% end %>  

" foo"

<%= 'foo' %>

<%= 'bar' %>



Write unindented code to get the expected result.

<% if bar %>
<%= 'bar' %>
<% end %>
<%= 'foo' %>
<%= 'bar' %> 
  • Use [Form Models](…

Search everywhere in RubyMine

Have you tried the Search everywhere dialog? You can open it by pressing Shift twice.



A non-weird replacement for grouped_collection_select

Rails comes with grouped_collection_select that appears to be useful, but isn't.

As an alternative, consider the flat_grouped_collection_select found below. It takes a third argument that extracts the group from each element in the collection:

= form.flat_grouped_collection_select :user_id, users, :department, :id, :full_name

Here is the code:

def flat_grouped_collection_select(field, collection, group_label_method, value_method,…


Carrierwave reminder: always call! after uploader.recreate_versions!

If your Carrierwave uploader dynamically generates the filename (e.g. by incorporating a user's name), you must call! after recreating versions, because uploader.recreate_versions! does not update the model with the stored filename.

Passenger 5 requires a file to run Rails 2.3 projects

Put the following into in your Rails root folder:

# Require your environment file to bootstrap Rails
require ::File.dirname(__FILE__) + '/config/environment'

# Dispatch the request

Otherwise, your Rails 2.3 project will not be considered by Passenger 5+ and you will probably see 403 errors returned by nginx or Apache.

Angular: Quick and easy animation on changed binding value

With ngAnimate, you can easily animate certain events (see directive support). We'll make use of ngClass animations to style an element on changed binding value.

Say we have a slider and a separate details container. Each time the slider changes, we want to "flash" the details container by hiding it and fading it back in.


Add a custom class to the element you want to animate, i.e. the details container:

<div class="details slide-index-{{ currentSlideIndex }}">
{{ co…

Howto use ActiveRecord preload with plain SQL inner joins

Like you know from "How to tell ActiveRecord how to preload associations (either JOINs or separate queries)", you can tell ActiveRecord explicitly if it should use a LEFT OUTER JOIN or a separate query to preload associations.

Here is some special case, where a simple includes is not possible. For the diagram below we want to sort the rides by the translated name of the departure_place and the arrival_place:


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