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Things you probably didn’t know you could do with Chrome’s Developer Console

Collection of useful tools in the Chrome JavaScript console.

Make the whole page editable

This is not special to Chrome, but still a clever thing:


Taking time

You can easily measure the time on the console with named timers:

console.time('myTime'); // Start timer
console.timeEnd('myTime'); // End timer and print the time

Reference previously inspected elements (from the Elements panel)

Variables $0, $1, ... $n reference the nth-last inspected Element. $0 is the ...

Find an ActiveRecord by any column (useful for Cucumber steps)

The attached patch lets you find a record by a string or number in any column:


There's also a bang variant that raises ActiveRecord::NotFound if no record matches the given value:


Boolean and binary columns are excluded from the search because that would be crazy.

I recommend copying the attachment to features/support/find_by_anything.rb, since it is most useful in Cucumber step ...


How to checkout submodules in Gitlab CI

Accessing other repositories in Gitlab CI is not straight forward, since the access rights of the current pipeline might not be sufficient enough.

One approach is to use project access tokens and clone the repositories via HTTPS.

  • Create a project access token Archive for all submodules you want to have access to with the setting read_repository
  • Add the secrets as environment variable to the main project you want to have access to submodules:
    • Protected false ...

When reading model columns during class definition, you must handle a missing/empty database

When doing some meta-programming magic and you want to do something for all attributes of a class, you may need to access connection or some of its methods (e.g. columns) during class definition.

While everything will be fine while you are working on a project that is in active development, the application will fail to boot when the database is missing or has no tables. This means that Raketasks like db:create or db:migrate fail on a freshly cloned project.

The reason is your environment.rb which is loaded for Raketasks and calls...


Devise: Invalidating all sessions for a user

Background information about session storage in Rails

Rails has a default mechanism to store the session Archive in the CookieStore. This is a cookie which holds the entire user session hash in the browser. This cookie is serialized, encoded with base64, and signed.

How Devise handles authentication

Devise uses this CookieStore. To track a users session, a salt is stored in the session cookie when a user logs in.
When a user logs out this CookieStore is overwrit...


Git: Show commits that have touched specific text in a file

If you want to find the commits that touched a specific text in a file, use

git log -S 'text in the code' -- path/to/file

If you use tig you may run a similar command to get a navigatable list of affected files:

tig -S'text in the code'


Here is an example, where the move of the convert_number_column_value(value) method in active record is traced (simplified output):

git log -n 1 --pretty=oneline -S 'convert_number_column_value(value)' -- activerecord/lib/active_record/base.rb

Undefined method log for Selenium::WebDriver::Remote::W3C::Bridge

In case your integration tests crash with a message like below, try to upgrade Capybara to a newer version (3.35.3 was good enough). You might encounter this issue when you enabled the w3c option in Selenium.

undefined method `log' for #<Selenium::WebDriver::Remote::W3C::Bridge:0x000055995647ded0>

Your affected code might look similar to this call below and will work after the upgrade again.

Upgrading Capybara with deprecated Integer selectors

Capybara added a deprecation warning in version 3.35.3 (version from 2019) that shows up if your selector is not of type String or Symbol.


click_link(10) # bad
click_link("10") # good

You might encounter this error e.g. in a pagination step or similar where you want to click on numbers. To figure out where this deprecation warning comes from try to run the tests with a step output.

bundle exec parallel_cucumber --test-options "--format=pretty" feature

The deprecation message looks like following:

Locator In...

NVM: How to automatically switch version when changing directories

The Node Version Manager allows installing multiple NodeJS versions and switching between them.
By default, it does not automatically switch versions when entering a directory that holds a .nvmrc file.

The project's readme document Archive offers a bash function which calls nvm use after each cd. In fact, it replaces cd in your bash.

I did not want to do that, but instead use the $PROMPT_COMMAND feature. So here is my take on it.
Note that it is much shorter, it probably does a f...

Geordi 6.0.0 released

6.0.0 2021-06-02

Compatible changes

  • geordi commit will continue even if one of the given projects is inaccessible. It will only fail if no stories could be found at all.

Breaking changes


JavaScript: Don't throw exceptions from async functions

TLDR: A function is hard to use when it sometimes returns a promise and sometimes throws an exception. When writing an async function, prefer to signal failure by returning a rejected promise.

The full story

When your function returns a promise ("async function"), try not throw synchronous exceptions when encountering fatal errors.

So avoid this:

function foo(x) {
  if (!x) {
    throw "No x given"
  } else
    return new Promise(function...

PSA: Chrome and Firefox do not always clear session cookies on exit

Cookies without an expiration timestamp are called "session cookies". [1] They should only be kept until the end of the browsing session.

However, when Chrome or Firefox are configured to reopen tabs from last time upon start, they will keep session cookies when closing the browser. This even applies to tabs that were closed before shutting down the browser.

This is by design in Chrome Archive and [Firefox](https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/buglist.cgi?bug_id=337551,345830,358042,362212,36...


Webpack: How to split your bundles

To keep JavaScript sources small, it can sometimes make sense to split your webpack bundles. For example, if your website uses some large JavaScript library – say TinyMCE – which is only required on some select pages, it makes sense to only load that library when necessary.

In modern webpack this is easily doable by using the asynchronous import function.

Say we have an unpoly compiler that sets up TinyMCE like this (code is somewhat simplified):

// TinyMCE as part of the main bundle!

import tinymce from 'tinymce/tinymce'

// UI

Chromedriver: Disabling the w3c option might break your integration tests with Chrome 91

We recently noticed issues with Chrome 75+ when having the w3c option enabled within the Selenium webdriver. It looks like recent Selenium versions don't have any issues with the w3c interface anymore. And starting with Chrome 91 this fix might cause unexpected issues, so you should try to enabled this option again or just remove the following line from you configuration:

options.add_option('w3c', false)

Background: Setting the w3c option t...

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Heads up: counting may be slow in PostgreSQL

The linked article points out that COUNT queries might be unexpectetly slow in psql.

If you just need to know "are there any records" use any?. This uses SELECT 1 AS one FROM ... LIMIT 1 under the hood.
If you just need to know "are there no records" use empty? or none?. This uses SELECT 1 AS one FROM ... LIMIT 1 under the hood.

In short: Replace foo.count > 0 with foo.any? or foo.count == 0 with foo.none?

RubyMine / IntelliJ: How to increase UI and fonts for presentations

When giving a presentation where you do some coding, the font size you usually use is probably a bit too small and makes code hard to read for users on smaller screens or low-bandwidth connections when the image quality is lower.

Here are two solutions.

Presentation Mode

RubyMine offers a "Presentation Mode" which you can use. Simply navigate to View → Appearance → Enter Presentation Mode to enable it.
This will increase your code editor's font size as well as your UI and works nicely when sharing a single file.

However, some control...


Accessing JavaScript objects from Capybara/Selenium

When testing JavaScript functionality in Selenium (E2E), you may need to access a class or function inside of a evaluate_script block in one of your steps. Capybara may only access definitions that are attached to the browser (over the window object that acts as the base). That means that once you are exporting your definition(s) in Webpacker, these won't be available in your tests (and neither in the dev console). The following principles/concepts also apply to Sprockets.

Say we have a StreetMap class:

// street_map.js
class S...
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Marko Denic's list of TIL for HTML

Table of content for the linked article:

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