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Updated: Unobtrusive JavaScript helper to progressively enhance HTML

I improved the compiler() function:

  • Allows multiple compilers with the same selector
  • Allows multiple destructors on the same element

You are not using filter_map often enough

Somewhat regularly, you will need to filter a list down to some items and then map them to another value.

You can of course chain map and compact, or select/filter and map, but Ruby 2.7 introduced a method for this exact purpose: filter_map Archive .

So instead of

>> [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6].map { |i| i * 2 if i.even? }.compact
=> [4, 8, 12]


>> [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6].select(&:even?).map { |i| i * 2 }
=> [4, 8, 12]

you can just do

>> [1,...
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Josh McArthur: Fancy Postgres indexes with ActiveRecord

I recently wanted to add a model for address information but also wanted to add a unique index to those fields that is case-insensitive.
The model looked like this:

create_table :shop_locations do |t|
  t.string :street
  t.string :house_number
  t.string :zip_code
  t.string :city
  t.belongs_to :shop

But how to solve the uniqueness problem?

Another day, another undocumented Rails feature!

This time, it’s that ActiveRecord::Base.connection.add_index supports an undocumented option to pass a string argument as the v...


ruby-sass: Do not use comments between selector definitions

Sass lets you easily specify multiple selectors at once like this:

    outline: 1px solid red

This will add a red outline on either real hover or when the has-hover class is present. However, adding a comment will void the definition of that line:

  &.has-hover, // From hoverable.js <-- DON'T
    outline: 1px solid red

... will simply drop the &.has-hover part in ruby-sass Archive (deprecated). [sassc](https://rubygems.org/g...


An auto-mapper for ARIA labels and BEM classes in Cucumber selectors

Spreewald Archive comes with a selector_for helper that matches an English term like the user's profile into a CSS selector. This is useful for steps that refer to a particular section of the page, like the following:

Then I should see "Bruce" within the user's profile

If you're too lazy to manually translate English to a CSS selector by adding a line to features/env/selectors.rb, we already have an [auto-mapper to translate English into ...


How to tackle complex refactorings in big projects

Sometimes huge refactorings or refactoring of core concepts of your application are necessary for being able to meet new requirements or to keep your application maintainable on the long run. Here are some thoughts about how to approach such challenges.

Break it down

Try to break your refactoring down in different parts. Try to make tests green for each part of your refactoring as soon as possible and only move to the next big part if your tests are fixed. It's not a good idea to work for weeks or months and wait for ALL puzzle pieces to...

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Rack::SteadyETag Archive is a Rack middleware that generates the same default ETag Archive for responses that only differ in CSRF tokens or CSP nonces.

Changes in 0.3.0

  • Support for old Rack 1.4.7 (last version supported by Rails 3.2)
  • No longer depends on activesupport.
  • Don't depend on byebug being in the user bundle.
  • Don't raise an error when processing binary content.
  • Only strip patterns for HTML and XHTML responses.
  • Drop...
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Updated: Be very careful with 301 and 308 redirects

  • Note that Rails sends a Cache-Control header that causes permanent redirects to not be cached.
  • Migrated examples to Mermaid graphs
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Rails: How to find records with empty associations

Imagine these models and associations:

class Deck < ApplicationRecord
  has_many :cards

class Card < ApplicationRecord
  belongs_to :deck, optional: true

Now you want to find all Decks without any Card or all Cards without a Deck.

Rails 6.1+

Rails 6.1 introduced a handy method ActiveRecord#missing Archive to find records without given associations.

SELECT "decks".*
FROM "dec...

Do not forget mailer previews

When changing code in mailers, updating the corresponding mailer preview is easily forgotten.

Mailer previews can be tested like other code as well and I sometimes add the following test to test suites:

# Make sure to require the previews
Dir[Rails.root.join('test/mailers/previews/*.rb')].sort.each { |file| require(file) }

ActionMailer::Preview.all.index_with(&:emails).each do |preview, mails|
  mails.each do |mail|
    it "#{preview}##{mail} works" do
      expect { preview.call(mail) }.not_to raise_error
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Unpoly 2.6.0 released

This is a final maintenance release before Unpoly's next major feature drop in a few weeks.

This is also the last release with support for Internet Explorer 11. Future releases will support Chrome, Firefox, Edge and the last two majors of Safari.


The polling Archive implementation was rewritten to fix many issues and edge cases:

Rails: Default HTTP status codes when redirecting

When redirecting you should take care to use the right HTTP status code.

From controllers

When redirecting from a controller Archive , the default status code is 302 Moved Temporarily:

redirect_to pos...

Show a JS fiddle in fullscreen

If you have a JS fiddle, you can open it in fullscreen by appending /show to the URL.

Example: https://jsfiddle.net/b275g910/3 => https://jsfiddle.net/b275g910/3/show


Be very careful with 301 and 308 redirects

Browsers support different types of redirects.

Be very careful with these status codes:

  • 301 Moved Permanently
  • 308 Permanent Redirect

Most browsers seem to cache these redirects forever, unless you set different Cache-Control headers. If you don't have any cache control headers, you can never change them without forcing users to empty their cache.


By default Archive Rails sends a ...


Project management best practices: Budget control

When starting a project we always make a good estimate of all known requirements, and plan budgets and available developers accordingly.

Requirements change. Budgets usually don't.

To make sure a project stays on track, we update our estimates once a month and compare them to the remaining budget. If this doesn't match any more, we have to act.

To update an estimate, do the following:

  • Start with the most recent estimate for the project.
  • Which stories have been completed? Set their estimate to zero.
  • Have any requirements cha...
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Choosing the right gems for your project

Adding a gem means you take over the liability towards the external code.


Based on " To gem, or not to gem Archive ":

  • Gem is really needed (prefer writing your own code for simple requirements without many edge cases)
  • Gem is tested well (coverage and quality)
  • Gem has a good code quality
  • Gem's licence fits to the project requirement
  • Try to avoid gems that do much more than your requireme...

IRB's multi-line autocomplete and how to disable it

Recent IRB versions include a multi-line autocomplete which may be helpful to novice users but can be distracting.

Cycling through options works by pressing the Tab key (as usual), and for some methods you also get some kind of documentation, though the quality of results is usually not on par with your IDE of choice.

I have found that it also slows down my IRB in some cases, or that pressing the Backspace key does not always reliably remove characters, which I find more annoying than useful.

You may disable multi-line autocomplete by

  • ...
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