Disable automatic code suggestions in RubyMine

To disable the mostly useless automatic suggestion popups in RubyMine, go to File / Settings, then to Editor / General / Code Completion and uncheck Auto-display code completion.

You can still open the popup by pressing CTRL + Space. And you probably want to use Context-dependent word expansion instead, anyway.


How to: Context-dependent word expansion in RubyMine

One of the many useful features of TextMate is autocompletion of words. If I were in TextMate right now, I could write "au[tab]", and it would complete it to "autocompletion". RubyMine can do this, too. When you write a word (e.g. a variable name), just hit ALT + / repeatedly and it will offer all completions for the letters you typed. This action is called Cyclic Expand Word in RubyMine / IntelliJ IDEA.

This feature keeps you from mistyping variable names, saves you keystrokes and speeds up development. ~10 keystrokes to the price …

Guide: How to use our (maybe in future) default rubocop config

Follow the instructions here.

PRs at makandra/rubocop-config are welcome. Also check the issue tracker.


Since version 2017-1 RubyMine runs cops in the background, and displays RuboCop offenses the same way as it does RubyMine inspections. (…


RubyMine's clipboard can hold more than one string

By pressing Ctrl + Shift + V you can select a recently copied string for pasting.

How to fix: RubyMine / IntelliJ "find file" dialog losing focus on awesome wm

Many of our developers love to use the "awesome" window manager on Linux. However, RubyMine dialogs occasionally defocus while typing.

Here is a fix for that, tested on awesome 3.4, 3.5 and 4.0 (Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04).


Consider the following:

  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+N
  2. "Find file" dialog opens
  3. Type to search, file list appears
  4. Type more, file list is being replaced

If your mouse pointer hovers the file list, the main window is focused when the list is being replaced (or simply when it shrinks and your mouse pointe…

List of Helpful RubyMine Shortcuts

Search for any symbol in your application, like CSS classes, Ruby classes, methods, helpers etc.
Search for filename in your application (also dependencies)
Open a list of recently opened files
Open a the navigation bar as a context menu. Allows you to quickly navigate between files.


Find and execute a menu actio…

RubyMine: Scratch files

There are times when you have a chunk of text that you want to do something with, e.g. replace something on it, or quickly edit it.

While you can open your favorite non-RubyMine editor for this, there is also a plugin: Scratch.

It allows RubyMine to open temporary files (actually they are saved, but somewhere inside the plugin's directory) so you don't need to switch to a text editor like gEdit that works differently and may not even offer what you are used to.

Note that RubyMine also offers so…

How to add a custom dictionary to Ruby Mine

  1. Download the dictionary from, e.g.
  2. unzip
  3. mkdir ~/Documents/dic
  4. iconv -f UTF-16 -t UTF-8 de_neu.dic -o ~/Documents/dic/de_neu_utf8.dic
  5. In RubyMine: Go to Settings (CTRL + ALT + S) > Editor > Spelling > Dictionaries and add the folder ~/Documents/dic

Rubymine provides a visual merge conflict resolution tool

RubyMine provides a visual tool for resolving merge conflicts locally.


Git > Resolve Conflicts

in the context menu to open RubyMine's merge conflict tool.

  • Left pane: local copy (read-only)
  • Right pane: checked in version from repository (read-only)
  • Central pane: base revision from which both conflicting versions are derived

You can also use a similar pane view to compare to files.
Mark two files and press Ctrl + D to compare.

RubyMine: Better soft wraps

Sometimes your code has long lines:

describe 'foo' do
  describe 'bar' do

When you're working with multiple editor panes, such code will often be wider than the pane area:

describe 'foo' do                |
  describe 'bar' do              |
    another_line                 |

To help with this you can activate Soft wraps in the RubyMine options under General → Editor .

Your code will now look like this:


Prevent RubyMine from reformatting pasted code

When you paste copied code with CTRL+V, RubyMine will change the indentation of the pasted code. You can prevent this by pasting with CTRL+ALT+Shift+V instead ("Paste Simple").

To change this behavior entirely, you can open your settings and navigate to Editor / General / Smart Keys. Here you can select one of three options for Reformat on paste:

  • None
  • Indent Each Line (default)
  • Indent Block
  • Reformat Block

You might want to try "Indent Block".

Faster debugging with RubyMine macros

In my RubyMine I have recorded two macros for debugging and linked them to some keyboard shortcuts. Since I believe everyone could benefit from having those I wanted to share this.

The first one simply inserts


and the second one

.tap { |object| binding.pry }

for when you do not have a reference to the object you want to inspect.

In order to record a macro you simply follow the path Edit > Macros > Start Macro Recording.

Then you simply type binding.pry or whatever you want to record and stop recor…

RubyMine: You can disable inspections you don't care about

When you find yourself constantly ignoring a RubyMine warning, you can simple disable that warning and de-clutter your editor. E.g. in my Cucumber scenarios RubyMine underlines 90% of all lines because it does not know about spreewald, making the file really hard to read.

You can disable any unwanted inspection by opening File / Settings / Editor / Inspections and searching for the warning text.

What you disable or keep is up to your personal preference. I personally disable at least the following…

Postgres: How to force database sessions to terminate

If another session is accessing your database you are trying to reset or drop you might have seen the following error:

PG::ObjectInUse: ERROR:  database "foo_development" is being accessed by other users
DETAIL:  There is 1 other session using the database.

This could be the rails server, rubymine and many more. Beside terminating the session connection manually you can also find out the pid and kill the process.

1. rails db
2. SELECT * FROM pg_stat_activity;

datid | 98359
datname | foo_developm…


RubyMine users: you should be using bookmarks

RubyMine allows bookmarking lines of code. This is super-helpful when working on a complex problem.
I've been using this feature for a few years now, and so should you! :)

Here are the default Linux/Windows keystrokes. See the documentation for other keybindings.

Add an anonymous bookmark


A gray checkmark will be shown in the gutter on the left.
If you press F11 again on a bookmarked line, the bookmark will be removed.

Add a named bookmark ("mnemonic")


Search everywhere in RubyMine

Have you tried the Search everywhere dialog? You can open it by pressing Shift twice.


How to fix: RubyMine occasionally no longer accepts keyboard input

From time to time, RubyMine suddenly did not accept any keyboard input and felt crashed, while mouse interaction was still possible. This apparently happens to all IntelliJ IDEs, especially on Ubuntu 14.04.

I've managed to fix it by having a shell script that exports XMODIFIERS="" when launching RubyMine, like this:

XMODIFIERS= /home/arne/rubymine/bin/

It has been working reliably for me ever since, at least until RubyMine 8.

An alternate solution suggested on the [Jetbrains issue tracker](https://youtrack….

Ubuntu: Make Ctrl-Space work in RubyMine, Emacs, or other tools

I was annoyed that RubyMine's autocompletion did not work via Ctrl+Space for me. In fact, it did not work in any application.

Turns out that keyboard combination was hijacked by Ubuntu as it's the default for switching input languages (i.e. keyboard layouts). If you use only 1 language/layout, you will not notice except for the key not working.

To fix it, do the following:

  1. Run ibus-setup (e.g. from a terminal). This will open a GUI dialog.
  2. In the 1st tab you should see "Next Input Method" followed by "<Control>space".
  3. Click t…
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