Howto remove the location hash without causing the page to scroll

Set the hash to a dummy hash which doesn't hit any id at your page, for example: window.location.hash = "_";


  • If you'd set the hash to "" it causes the page to scroll to the top because the hash "#" by itself is equivalent to "_top".
  • If you'd set window.location.href = "..." to get rid of the "#", you cause the browser to reload the page what is most likely not intended.

Active Record's select method allows you to make use of the power of MySQL select statements. On the one hand it allows you to select specific fields."content")

results in the following query:

"SELECT content FROM `posts`"

This means that your models will be initialized with only the content attribute and you will not be able to access any other attribute. In fact trying so would raise an ActiveRecord::MissingAttributeError error."content").first.title # => ActiveRecord::MissingAttributeErr...

Rails: Have different session secrets for all environments

The Rails secret_token must be unique for each application and any instance of it. If not, someone could exploit this by creating a user with ID = 1 (e.g. on staging), sign in and then use that cookie to authenticate on another site (e.g. on production, where the user with ID = 1 probably is the admin).

Here is a one-for-all solution that does not affect current production users, leaving the production token unchanged: prefix the existing secret_token with #{Rails.env unless Rails.env.production?}.

Note: There may be tokens in …

git: How to always pull with rebase

In order to have more human readable git branches, do

  git pull --rebase

To always pull like this, write these lines to your ~/.gitconfig: [pull] rebase = true

Note that this will break if you pull from other upstream branches like

git pull origin other-branch

If you keep rebasing by default, you can get "merge pulls" like this:

git pull --no-rebase origin other-branch

Bundle capistrano

Capistrano recently had some API changes that can results in deploys not working when running with old deploy.rb files.

So let's bundle it. Put capistrano into your Gemfile, like this:

# Gemfile

group :deploy do
  gem 'capistrano'
  gem 'capistrano_colors'

It's possible you need to do a bundle update net-ssh to get things running.

Now double check that all your custom hooks are actually still called. One candidate might be an after deploy:symlink hook that has been renamed into `after deploy:creat…

How to inspect XML files in a terminal

You can use xmllint to pretty-print ugly XML files on your terminal. Just say:

xmllint --format file.xml

That will restructure containers nicely into individual sections with proper indentation.\
Note that it will automagically work on gzipped XML files!

To write pretty output to a new file, just use the -o switch (short for --output):

xmllint --format file.xml -o pretty_file.xml

See the xmllint man page for other useful switches and more information.

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Riding Rails: Rails 4.0: Final version released!

Rails 4.0 is finally ready after a thorough process of betas and release candidates. It's an amazing new version packed with new goodies and farewells to old features past their expiration date.

Help me, there is a zombie process!

Here is a good explanation for zombie processes.


If you have zombie processes it means those zombies have not been waited for by their parent (look at PPID displayed by ps -l). 
You have three choices: Fix the parent process (make it wait); kill the parent; or live with it.
Remember that living with it is not so hard because zombies take up little more than one extra line in the output of ps.

On a server I want to get informed if there are zombie processes and track them wi…

Rails: Send links in emails with the right protocol

ActionMailer per default uses http as protocol, which enables SSL-stripping. When a logged-in user follows an http link to your application, it sends the cookies along with it. Although the application redirects the user to https and from that point has a secure connection to the user, an attacker may overhear that first unsafe request and hijack your session.

Teach ActionMailer to use the right protocol

If your application is behind SSL, turn on using https application-wide. In your environment file (either global or per environ…

Pimp my IRB

Put the attached files into your home directory and enjoy.


  • defines interesting_methods, which is essentially all methods without top-level methods inherited from Object/Module
  • requires awesome_print, if present
  • requires interactive_editor, if present (basically makes vim available)
  • loads .irbrc_rails if in Rails (e.g. for the Rails console)


  • defines efind(email), which is a shortcut to find users by email …

Ubuntu: Restart sound services

Sometimes sound breaks for me and speaker output is completely broken. This helped:

pulseaudio -k && sudo alsa force-reload
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How I Explained REST to my Wife

A great and enjoyable introduction into the concept of the web and about what HTTP was designed for. The original post has been removed for some stupid gender discussion.

Upgrading Rails 2 from 2.3.8 through 2.3.18 to Rails LTS

This card shows how to upgrade a Rails 2 application from Rails 2.3.8 through every single patch level up to 2.3.18, and then, hopefully, Rails LTS.

2.3.8 to 2.3.9

This release has many minor changes and fixes to prepare your application for Rails 3.

Step-by-step upgrade instructions:

  1. Upgrade rails gem
  2. Change your environment.rb so it says RAILS_GEM_VERSION = '2.3.9'
  3. Change your environment.rb so all invocations …
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asciidisco/Backbone.Mutators · GitHub

Backbone plugin to override getters and setters with logic.

New Gem safe_cookies: Have your cookies as secure and HttpOnly as possible

Cookies have two important flags: secure and HttpOnly. The first instructs the browser to only send the cookie to the server when talking over SSL. This is to prevent session hijacking, where an attacker would pretend to be the server, thereby fooling your browser into giving him your cookies and then using that data to authenticate in your place with the real server. The latter protects the cookie from being read in [XSS attacks](…

Virtus: Coercing boolean attributes


Do it like this:

attribute :active, Virtus::Attribute::Boolean

Long story

In Virtus you define attribute with their type like this:

attribute :name, String
attribute :birthday, Date

When defining a boolean attributes, you will probably write it like this:

attribute :active, Boolean

The problem is, there is not actually a Boolean class in Ruby (there's only TrueClass and FalseClass), so use Virtus::Attribute::Boolean instead.

The reason whil…

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marcandre/backports · GitHub

Essential backports that enable many of the nice features of Ruby 1.8.7 up to 2.0.0 for earlier versions.

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