Rails: Disable options of a select field

Simply give the select helper an option :disabled, passing either a single value or an array. You need to specify the option's value, not its text.

= :country, Address.countries_for_select, :include_blank => true, :disabled => ['disabled-value1', 'disabled-value-2']

Also see Cucumber: Check if a select field contains a disabled option on how to test this.

exception_notification 4.0.0+ makes it easier to ignore errors, crawlers

The new exception_notification has awesome options like :ignore_crawlers => true and :ignore_if => lambda { ... }. These options should be helpful in ensuring every notifications means something actionable (instead of a long log of failures that just scrolls by).

Note that you should not ignore crawlers by default. Ideally, cool URLs never change and always respond with a helpful redirect or similar.

Ignore Errors like this:

# config/initializers/exception_notification.rb


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The Chokehold of Calendars

Most people don’t schedule their work. They schedule the interruptions that prevent their work from happening.

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Cryptic Ruby Global Variables and Their Meanings

The linked page lists and explains global Ruby "dollar" variables, such as:

  • $: (load path)
  • $* (ARGV)
  • $? (Last exit status)
  • $$ (PID)
  • $~ (MatchData from last successful match)
  • …and many more you'll need when reading weird code.


  • $~ (last MatchData)
  • $1 $2 $3 $4 (match groups from the last pattern match)
  • $& (last matched string)
  • $+ (last match group)
  • $` (the string before the last match)
  • $' (the string after the last match

See [this extensive list of variables](http://www.tu…

Bash: How to generate a random number within given boundaries

$RANDOM on bash returns a random integer between 0 and 32767.

echo $RANDOM
echo $RANDOM

If you want to limit that to a certain maximum, you can just compare against the modulus of that maximum + 1. \
For example, the following will yield results between 0 and 9:

echo $(($RANDOM % 10))
echo $(($RANDOM % 10))

Note that this skews random numbers to the lower regions of your boundaries in most cases.

iOS 5 "position: fixed" and virtual keyboard issues

The ipad onscreen keyboard changes position:fixed style to position:static that misplaces those elements and you'll have problems on each page with a form, e.g. search field.

There are several workarounds/hacks but no straight forward fix yet. Expect additional expense.

Cucumber: Check if a select field contains a disabled option

For Capybara, use this step:

Then /^"([^"]*)" should be a disabled option for "([^"]*)"(?: within "([^\"]*)")?$/ do |value, field, selector|
  with_scope(selector) do
    field_labeled(field).find(:xpath, ".//option[text() = '#{value}'][@disabled]").should be_present

RubyMine detects syntax errors where there are none

To make this go away I had to wipe my RubyMine settings (~/.RubyMine) and configure everything again. Fun.

Consul 0.9 lets you optimize records checks

Consul 0.9 comes with many new features to optimize powers that only check access to a given record. e.g. See below for details.

Powers that only check a given object

Sometimes it is not convenient to define powers as a collection. Sometimes you only want to store a method that
checks whether a given object is accessible.

To do so, simply define a power that ends in a question mark:

class Power

  power :upd...

Short lambda syntax in Ruby 1.9

Ruby 1.9 brings a shorter way to define lambdas using the -> operator:

twice = -> (x) { 2 * x } # => 10

This is equivalent to:

twice = lambda {|x| 2 * x } # => 10

Note that the syntax is subtly different from Coffeescript where you define function parameters before the arrow: (x) -> { 2 * x }.

ActionView::Template::Error (dump format error for symbol(0x6d))

I recently encountered the error above when I was running selenium tests.

Thanks to a post on stackoverflow I found out that clearing all files in tmp/cache in my project folder made the issue go away.

Batch-process text files with ruby

Did you know you can do in-place batch processing with plain ruby?

The following script will in-place replace "foo" with "bar" in all files you feed it. Call it with ./my_script path/to/my/files/* #!ruby -i -p $_.gsub!(/foo/, "bar")

"'-i -p" means:

Ruby will run your script once for each line in each file. The line will be placed in $_. The value of $_ at the end of your script will be written back to the file.


Using the Kernel#gsub shorthand for $_.gsub!: #!ruby -i -p gsub(/foo/, "bar")


exception_notification 3.0.0+ lets you send errors as HTML e-mails

Exception notifications contain a lot of information: Backtraces, HTTP headers, etc. exception_notification tries its best to format this wall of information using ASCII art, but you can also make it send those notification as simple HTML e-mails that have some simple formatting for clarity, but no images etc. To do so, activate this option:

:email_format => :html

Those HTML notifications are still delivered with a text-only version, so if you are using a console cli…

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Webservice to mock HTTP responses

Sometimes in the course of development you may need to mock HTTP responses.

This is a simple service to return various HTTP responses.

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Maker's Schedule, Manager's Schedule

One reason programmers dislike meetings so much is that they're on a different type of schedule from other people. Meetings cost them more.

Do not try to "slice" on an ActionController::CookieJar

The cookies object in your controllers and views is a ActionController::CookieJar and even though that class inherits from Hash and often behaves like one, you can not call slice on it to select only a subset of cookies. Why? Because Hash#slice calls – which in case of a CookieJar just won't work.

Unfortunately, you can't even say cookies.to_hash and slice on that, just because CookieJar#to_hash is inherited from Hash and will just return self. Bummer.

You need to do it yourself, for example by usin…

Switch to a recently opened tab with Cucumber

Similar to closing an opened browser window, spreewald now supports the I switch to the new tab step.

You can use it to test links that were opened with a link_to(..., :target => '_blank') link or other ways that create new tabs or windows.

Note: Works only with Selenium.

List keys stored in memcached / Amazon AWS ElastiCache server

Connect to your memcached host. (AWS elasticache is memcached)

telnet 11211 

Once you're connected, find out which 'slabs' exist within the cache:

stats items
STAT items:1:number 3550
STAT items:1:age 5166393
STAT items:1:evicted 0
STAT items:1:evicted_nonzero 0
STAT items:1:evicted_time 0
STAT items:1:outofmemory 0
STAT items:1:tailrepairs 0
STAT items:1:reclaimed 0
STAT items:2:number 144886
STAT items:2:age 1375536
STAT items:2:evicted 0 ...
3447 cards