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Testing with IE6, IE7 and IE8 on VirtualBox | Shape Shed

I've recently moved from using Parallels for browser testing to Sun's Open Source VirtualBox. Here's a walkthrough on how to get a browser testing suite for free on OSX or Ubuntu.

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RSpec is getting too intimate with my code | opensoul.org

What if my controller decides to take the Thing.create! and rescue route? What if my model has a special initializer method, like Thing.build_with_foo? My spec for behavior should not fail if I change the implementation.

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citrusbyte's stories at master - GitHub

Pure-Ruby alternative to Cucumber.

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citrusbyte's contest at master - GitHub

Write declarative tests using nested contexts without performance penalties. Contest is less than 100 lines of code and gets the job done.

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Basement.org: On The Web, More Isn’t Only Less, It’s Actually Nothing

Amidst my 400 unread Boing Boing links are probably ten or fifteen that are probably real gems. But I’ll never know and Boing Boing sure as hell isn’t going to help me out.

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Should I test for translated strings?

I brought up the question whether tests should call the translation API when checking for the presence of a string.

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Eric's Archived Thoughts: Nine Into Five

The same problem happened with address, which was specified to mean only the contact information for the author of a page. It was quite explicitly specified to not accept mailing addresses. Of course, tons of people did just that, because they had an address and there was an address element, so of course they went together!

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BlogFish: Ruby on Rails Security

Recently I've been made aware of people inside US Government organizations using my Ruby on Rails Security presentation as an excuse to limit Ruby on Rails adoption and projects inside those organizations.

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Celerity | Easy and fast functional test automation for web applications

Celerity is a JRuby wrapper around HtmlUnit – a headless Java browser with JavaScript support. It provides a simple API for programmatic navigation through web applications. Celerity aims at being API compatible with Watir.

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rvm: Ruby Version Manager - rvm Home

You want to try out all of the different ruby interpreters and versions including different patchlevels, but you don't want to break what's working for you now. No time to waste?

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Understand API usage.

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It's important, however, that his wonderful code live on, and we need your help to do so. We've mirrored what repos we could find and contacted github tech support, who have promised assistance. Whymirror will do what it can to ease the transition but CANNOT be a long-term solution

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Rio is a facade for most of the standard ruby classes that deal with I/O; providing a simple, intuitive, succinct interface to the functionality provided by IO, File, Dir, Pathname, FileUtils, Tempfile, StringIO, OpenURI and others. Rio also provides an application level interface which allows many common I/O idioms to be expressed succinctly.

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