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The Evolution of a Website Design | Think Vitamin

So I thought it might be interesting to share with you the various stages of design the site went through before arriving at the finished design.

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Astrails Yes We Can. "require" over HTTP, That Is.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could just require “http://my-host/my-lib.rb” in ruby?

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Sickill.net - Colorizing console output with Rainbow ruby gem

If you’re working on some cool ruby console-based application or just want to add a little style to your script here is a nice gem for you. It’s called Rainbow and it extends ruby String class adding methods to wrap the string with ANSI escape codes.

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Sam Ruby: Progressive Disclosure

Without intending to take anything away from Roy’s (valid) criticism on labeling, REST isn’t an all or nothing proposition. One can get significant value from partial adoption.

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rest-discuss : Message: Re: [rest-discuss] REST, HTTP, Sessions and Cookies

Most of the problems with cookies are due to breaking visibility,

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The Origins of Scala

When Java first shipped, Bill Joy and James Gosling and the other members of the Java team thought that Java should have generics, only they didn't have the time to do a good job designing it in. So because there would be no generics in Java, at least initially, they felt that arrays had to be covariant.

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The Goals of Scala's Design

Martin Odersky talks with Frank Sommers and Bill Venners about the compromises and most important goals in Scala's design, its object-oriented innovations, and what's in it for you.

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Record Filter - Replace named scopes with awesome.

Record Filter gives you the full power of ActiveRecord's query building tools with a heaping helping of DSL thrown in to save your Ruby-loving fingers from writing nasty SQL.

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@lindsay.at :: Projects :: Remix (music) :: API Overview

The Echo Nest Remix API (“Remix,” for short) is an open-source programming framework written in Python. It provides numerous classes and methods to deal with recorded songs, analyze them, inspect and manipulate the resulting analyses, and manipulate audio based on that information.

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Module: Sass

Sass is a meta-language on top of CSS that‘s used to describe the style of a document cleanly and structurally, with more power than flat CSS allows. Sass both provides a simpler, more elegant syntax for CSS and implements various features that are useful for creating manageable stylesheets.

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as3crypto - Google Code

As3 Crypto is a cryptography library written in Actionscript 3 that provides several common algorithms. This version also introduces a TLS engine (TLS is commonly known as SSL.)

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