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Restoring old Postgres dumps with pg_restore v11 and higher

Claus-Theodor Riegg
October 16, 2019Software engineer at makandra GmbH

There is an issue with when restoring a PostgreSQL dump created with pg_dump < v11 with pg_restore > v10:

pg_restore: [archiver (db)] could not execute query: ERROR:  schema "public"
already exists
    Command was: CREATE SCHEMA public;


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If you want to restore this dump you should convert the dump to the text format first and comment out the CREATE SCHEMA public;` statement. For further information see linked content.

Use different pg_restore

After adding the PostgreSQL APT respository Show snapshot you can install additional client versions on your local machine with apt install postgresql-client-$VERSION. You'll find them here: /usr/lib/postgresql/$VERSION/bin/pg_restore.

Posted by Claus-Theodor Riegg to makandra Operations (2019-10-16 14:17)