Middleman for Rails Developers

Middleman is a static page generator that brings many of the goodies that Rails developers are used to.

Out of the box, Middleman brings Haml, Sass, helpers etc. However, it can be configured to do even better. This card is a list of improvement hints for a Rails developer.


Remove tzinfo-data and wdm unless you're on Windows. Add these gems:

gem 'middleman-livereload'
gem 'middleman-sprockets' # Asset pipeline!

gem 'bootstrap-sass' # If you want to use Bootstrap

gem 'byebug'

gem 'capistrano'
gem 'capistrano-mid…


Cucumber: Prevent outstanding AJAX requests to bleed into other scenarios

When using Cucumber with Selenium or some other Javascript-enabled browser, AJAX request can sometimes "bleed" into the next scenario. This happens when a scenario triggers an AJAX request near the end, but does not wait for it to complete.

To avoid this, add the attached code to your cucumber's /features/support directory. It will disable AJAX requests at the end of the scenario and wait for outstanding requests to complete.

Requires spreewald and only works for requests triggered by jQuery.


Cucumber step to match table rows with Capybara

These steps are now part of Spreewald.

This note describes a Cucumber step that lets you write this:

Then I should see a table with the following rows:
  | Bruce Wayne       | Employee    | 1972 |
  | Harleen Quinzel   | HR          | 1982 |
  | Alfred Pennyworth | Engineering | 1943 |

If there are additional columns or rows in the table that are not explicitely expected, the step won't complain. It does however expect the rows to be ordered as stat…

How to disable Chrome's save password bubble for Selenium tests

When filling out forms in Selenium tests, Chrome shows the (usual) bubble, asking to store those credentials.

While the bubble does not interfere with tests, it is annoying when debugging tests. Here are two ways to disable it:

Option 1: prefs

You can set profile preferences to disable the password manager like so:

prefs = {
  'credentials_enable_service' => false,
  'profile.password_manager_enabled' => false
}, browser: :chrome, prefs: prefs)

Sadly, there are no command line s…


Beware: Nested Spreewald patiently blocks are not patient

Note: The behaviour of Spreewald's within step is as described below for version < 1.9.0; For Spreewald >= 1.9.0 it is as described in Solution 1.

When doing integration testing with cucumber and selenium you will often encounter problems with timing - For example if your test runs faster than your application, html elements may not yet be visible when the test looks for them. That's why Spreewald (a collection of cucumber steps) has a concept of doing things patiently, which means a given b…

Bug in Chrome 56+ prevents filling in fields with slashes using selenium-webdriver/Capybara

There seems to be a nasty bug in Chrome 56 when testing with Selenium and Capybara: Slashes are not written to input fields with fill_in. A workaround is to use javascript / jquery to change the contents of an input field.

Use the following code or add the attached file to your features/support/-directory to overwrite fill_in.

module ChromedriverWorkarounds

def fill_in(locator, options = {})
text = options[:with].to_s
if Capybara.current_driver == :selenium && text.include?('/')
# There is a nasty Bug in Chrome …


Improving browser rendering performance

As the web is being used for more and more tasks, expectations rise. Not only should web pages offer rich interaction, they must be responsive in both size and interaction.

This imposes a paradoxon that needs to be solved by building performing applications. It's not enough any more to have your web site do crazy stuff, it is also required to do it crazy fast. This card is intended to give you an introduction to this emerging aspect of web development.

Read this introductory [performance study on Pinterest](…

Versatile Cucumber step regarding hovering above elements

Here's a pretty useful steps that hasn't made it into Spreewald yet.

It is best used with the auto-mapper for BEM classes in features/support/selectors.rb

When I hover above [selector] element

When /^I hover above (.*) element$/ do |selector|


When I hover above the album's image element

→ triggers a hover event on .album--image

Capybara: Disable sound during Selenium tests

If the application under test makes sound, you probably want to disable this during integration testing.

You can use the args option to pass parameters to the browser. For Chrome:

Capybara.register_driver :selenium do |app|, browser: :chrome, args: ["--mute-audio"])

I haven't found a corresponding command line option for Firefox.

Hat tip to kratob.

Fix external Displays switching not on when plugging notebook in docking station

If your external displays not switching on or showing a weird behavior (for e.g. all displays getting the same configuration all the time) you can fix it by switching off all external displays and re-enabling only one in the first step. Afterwards you can apply your whole configuration via xrandr. This behavior could be a bug in the kernel and may be fixed in linux 4.8.

Example display configuration

Screen 0: minimum 8 x 8, current 5760 x 1200, maximum 32767 x 32767
eDP1 connected 1920x1080+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis…

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Subclassing module

Yesterday I stumbled across a talk in which the guy mentioned module sub-classing. I was curious what you can do with it and found his blog post with a cool example. It allows you to inject some state into the module you are including elsewhere. Check it out!

class AttributeAccessor < Module
def initialize(name)
@name = name

def included(model)


def define_accessors
ivar = "@#{@name}"

def define_writer(ivar)

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Understanding AngularJS service types

Angular comes with different types of services. Each one with its own use cases.

All of these services are singletons. You probably want to use Factory all the time.


  • is the parent of all other services (except constant)
  • can be configured using `app.config(function(Provider) { ...})
  • a little complex


  • simpler than Provider, but without configuration
  • definition: `app.factory('name', someFunction)
  • someFunction is called when the name service is instantiated and should return an object


Linked contentRepeats

Taking screenshots in Capybara

Capybara-screenshot can automatically save screenshots and the HTML for failed Capybara tests in Cucumber, RSpec or Minitest.

Requires Capybara-Webkit, Selenium or poltergeist for making screenshots. They're saved into $APPLICATION_ROOT/tmp/capybara

The attached files contain config for cucumber integration and a Then show me a screenshot step.

VCR fails if the same request is triggered multiple times

Same requests are recorded only once in vcr. Replaying a test fails, if you trigger the same request multiple times. The error message is somehow confusing, as your cassette contains the request:

An HTTP request has been made that VCR does not know how to handle

If you want to allow to match a request multiple times, you need to configure this explicit with allow_playback_repeats: true. Some example configurations:

# specific ca…

Hack of the day: One-liner to run all changed Cucumber features

Similar to our snippet that runs all Cucumber features matching a given string, the following will run all modified or new Cucumber features by looking at your git status:

git status --short | grep -v '^ D ' | grep '.feature' | sed 's/.. //' | tr '\n' ' ' | xargs geordi cucumber

If you want to know what each of the above commands does, see [explainshell](–short+%7C+grep+-v+%27%5E+D+%27+%7C+grep+%27.feature%27+%7C+sed+%27s%2F..+%2F%2F%27+%7C+tr+%27%5Cn%27+%27+%27+%7C…

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Geordi 1.5.1 released

  • Improve geordi cucumber: Only attempt @solo run when the specified files contain the @solo tag, skip @solo run if any filename is passed with a line number (e.g. features/example.feature:3)
  • Improve geordi deploy: Find stages by their prefix (e.g. s -> staging, m -> makandra), bundle if needed, check the selected stage exists
  • Improve geordi server: Takes port as argument (e.g. geordi ser 3001), option --public (-P) starts the server with -b to make it accessible from other machines in the local network, e.g. …

Capistrano: exclude custom bundle groups for production deploy

Capistrano is by default configured to exclude the gems of the groups development and test when deploying to the stages production and staging. Whenever you create custom groups in your Gemfile, make sure to exclude these, if they should not be deployed to the servers. The gems of these groups might not be loaded by rails, however, the deployment process will take longer as the gems will be downloaded and installed to the server.

e.g. to exclude the groups cucumber and deploy, add the following to `config/deploy/production.rb…

Angular isolate scopes: Calling a parent scope function with externally defined arguments

Isolate scopes offer three kinds of variable binding. One of them is &, allowing to bind a property of the isolate scope to a function in the parent scope. Example:

<panel proxy="parent.someFunction(arg1, arg2)"></div>

# Coffeescript
@app.directive 'panel', ->
    parentFn: '&proxy'
  link: (scope) ->
    scope.parentFn(arg1: 'first', arg2: 'second')

In this dumb example, the panel directive will call its scope's parentFn() function with two arguments, which proxies to parent.someFunction('first', 'second')

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