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Installing multiple MySQL versions on the same Linux with mysql-sandbox

Ubuntu has a package mysql-sandbox that lets you install multiple MySQL versions into your user home:

  1. Install mysql-sandbox
sudo apt install mysql-sandbox
  1. Download the version of MySQL you want to use from Archive
    Make sure to choose "Generic Linux" instead of "Ubuntu" so you get a .tar.gz instead of .deb

  2. cd into the directory the mysql binaries will be extracted to

mkdir -p ~/bin/sandbox_dist cd ~/bin/sandbox_dist
  1. Build the sandbox
make_sandbox mysql-5.7.21-linux-glibc2.12-x86_64.tar.gz

Note that make_sandbox will extract the files into the current folder and expects them to live there forever. That's why we switched to a persistent place like bin/sandbox_dist before.

On older distributions, make_sandbox might be mysql_sandbox instead.

This will install this version into /~/sandboxes/msb_5_7.21. The folder includes a command to start the MySQL daemon for that sandbox. It listens to a non-standard port, so it can run in parallel with your regular MySQL installation.

Note the console output when you install a sandbox. It will show the non-standard port and the username (default root) and password (default msandbox). When working on a Rails project, you need to paste all of that into your config/database.yml.

Connecting to a sandbox

mysql --user=root --password=msandbox --host= --port=1234

Replace 1234 with the port for the Sandbox.

Further reading

There is another card that describes how to achieve the same using docker.

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