RailsLab .:. Scaling Rails - Scaling Rails Screencasts

Learn everything you need to know about Scaling your Rails app through 13 informative Screencasts produced by Gregg Pollack with the support of New Relic.

Welcome to WebIS.net - Pocket Informant iPhone

Pocket Informant for the iPhone doesn't just simply let you view your daily events but lets you really work with them. So many calendar or task applications are either too hard to use or too simple to be useful. Pocket Informant takes eight years of mobile experience and brings a fresh perspective to the iPhone user.

Recreating the button | stopdesign

Until some future version of HTML gives us new native controls to use in a browser, at Google, we’ve been playing and experimenting with controls we call “custom buttons” in our apps (among other custom controls).

mca blog [REST Upside Down]

i keep looking for ways to help people 'get' REST. not URLs or HTTP Methods; but REST itself - in a nutshell. so here's a new angle i've started playing with: "REST Upside Down."

mca blog [de hÓra: "Just" Use Post]

Once you start introducing partial updates, you open yourself for caching problems. doing partial updates means all cached copies of the original resource are now invalid.

SASS: The Better, More Powerful CSS - Intridea Design Blog

I am a huge fan of SASS (Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets) for styling Rails applications. I have been using it on all of my projects for quite a while now and have developed some great techniques that make it much easier to organize, write, and read stylesheets in an application

Bill de hÓra: "Just" use POST

PUT means update the resource with this entity, which tends means "overwrite". Now think for a moment about how that works for things like tags in a blog post - if I leave the tag out, am I saying remove it? Ignore it? Do I have to echo back all the data so it doesn't get scrubbed?

Translations available in rails

YAML List of all translations currently available in Rails

The Rails Internationalization (I18n) API

This guide will walk you through the I18n API and contains a tutorial how to internationalize a Rails application from the start.

Reflective Surface » Tests: Pragmatism or ideology?

The argument that using tests is a ideologic waster of time fails when one considers how it can help to insure architectural decisions.

Felix von Leitner on the only approach to manageable systems // plasmasturm.org

Professionals can be recognised by the fact that they minimize complexity. Small modules, complete isolation of modules, minimal (in number and size) interfaces. Bunglers can be recognised by the fact that they launch Visio when they plan their project.

LÖVE - Free 2D Game Engine

LÖVE is an unquestionably awesome 2D game engine, which allows rapid game development and prototyping in Lua.


Guarded method invocation or safe navigation method for Ruby.

Alex Miller - Java Concurrency Bugs #2 - what to synchronize on

Following up on my previous post, this is the second installment of Java Concurrency Bugs. In this post, we’ll look at bugs that come from synchronizing on the wrong object.

mezzoblue § Sprite Optimization

Maybe I haven’t been paying close enough attention, but over the past few years an interesting variation of CSS Sprites has been getting a lot of play on large web sites that serve millions of users.


Faker, a port of Data::Faker from Perl, is used to easily generate fake data: names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. T

Agile Ajax » ActionMailer Callbacks: In the Spirit of ActionController Filters » Pathfinder Development

A while back, I had a requirement to persist a record of which email addresses were sent an email through the system. I expected to find callback support for ActionMailer, but was surprised to find that it didn't exist.

The Sexy Curls jQuery Plugin by Elliott Kember

The Sexy Curls jQuery Plugin is an open-source jQuery plugin by Elliott Kember which lets you share in the beauty of the page fold.