angular_xss 1.0 released (final release)

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A bug report triggered us to

  1. improve support of angular_xss for HAML6 and Rails 7.1
  2. find out that the gem is no longer needed for any of our projects in active development

angular_xss 1.0 is thus the final release, it's now marked as unmaintained

1.0 2024-07-02

Compatible changes

  • Bump version to 1.0 as this gem has been production-ready for 10 years
  • Declare the gem to be unmaintained
  • Add compatibility with Rails 7.1
  • Add compatibility with HAML 6
  • Refactor our patches to use Module#prepend instead of Module#module_eval
  • Refactor gem version comparisons to use Gem::Version instances
  • Refactor specs to use the expect syntax
  • Improve test coverage for more interpolation scenarios in ERB and HAML
  • Add unit tests for patched methods
Michael Leimstädtner
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Source code in this card is licensed under the MIT License.
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