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Chaining Capybara matchers in RSpec

Henning Koch
March 07, 2024Software engineer at makandra GmbH

You can chain multiple Capybara matchers Show snapshot on the page or any element:

  .to have_content('Example Course')
  .and have_css('')
  .and have_button('Start')
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When you chain multiple matchers using and, Capybara will retry the entire chain Show snapshot if any of the matchers fail.

This helps when browser state changes between expectations, e.g. by async JavaScript that mutates the DOM tree while you're making multiple observations.

Custom matchers must be retryable

For Capybara to be able to retry chain, any custom matchers must be able to re-run their match block.

Here is a ❌ bad example of a matcher that memoizes its observation (in #actual_state) and cannot be retried:

RSpec::Matchers.define :have_state do |expected_state|

  match do |element|
    actual_state(element) == expected_state
  failure_message do
    "expected state to be #{expected_state}, but was #{actual_state(element)}"

  def actual_state(element)
    @actual_state ||= element['data-state']

Posted by Henning Koch to makandra dev (2024-03-07 08:50)