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Git shortcut to fixup a recent commit

git --fixup is very handy to amend a change to a previous commit. You can then autosquash your commits with git rebase -i --autosquash and git will do the magic for you and bring them in the right order. However, as git --fixup wants a ref to another commit, it is quite annoying to use since you always have to look up the sha of the commit you want to amend first.

Inspired by the shortcut to checkout recent branches with fzf, I built an alias for selecting the commit I want to fixup:

alias fixup='git log --oneline | fzf | awk '\''{print $1}'\'' | xargs -I '\''{}'\'' git commit --fixup {}'



Side note: To further save a few keystrokes, you can tell git to always autosquash.

git config --global rebase.autosquash true

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