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HTTP Client in RubyMine

Martin Schaflitzl
July 07, 2020Software engineer at makandra GmbH

RubyMine has a HTTP Client that can be useful to test web APIs.
Just create a .http scratch file an write your request in it.
The request can then be executed with the "Run all requests in File" button above the file.

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Some alternatives:

The format for request is like this:

Method Request-URI HTTP-Version
Header-field: Header-value


Some examples:

// A basic get request
// A POST with json body
Content-Type: application/json

{ "key" : "value" }

It also supports multiple sequential requests, with a JS-API to parse and reuse responses in later requests.
So lets say you need to retrieve an authtoken first and then make your request, you could do:

Content-Type: application/json

    "token": "my-secret-token"

// Saving a variable

> {%"auth_token", response.body.token);


//Accessing a variable
Authorization: Bearer {{auth_token}}

Complete documentation can be found here: Show snapshot

Posted by Martin Schaflitzl to makandra dev (2020-07-07 10:27)