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Rspec: around(:all) and around(:each) hook execution order


  • around(:suite) does not exist.
  • around(:all) runs after before(:all) and before after(:all).
  • around(:each) runs before before(:each) and after after(:each).

As this is not 100% obvious (and not yet documented) it is written down in this card. In RSpec 3 :each has the alias :example and :all the alias :context.


RSpec.configure do |config| config.before(:suite) { puts 'BEFORE :suite' } config.after(:suite) { puts 'AFTER :suite' } end describe 'order of hook execution' do around(:all) do |each| puts 'AROUND BEFORE :all' puts 'AROUND AFTER :all' end around(:each) do |each| puts 'AROUND BEFORE :each' puts 'AROUND AFTER :each' end before(:all) { puts 'BEFORE :all' } before(:each) { puts 'BEFORE :each' } after(:each) { puts 'AFTER :each' } after(:all) { puts 'AFTER :all' } it { expect(true).to be(true) } end
BEFORE :suite BEFORE :all AROUND BEFORE :all AROUND BEFORE :each BEFORE :each . # our each runs here AFTER :each AROUND AFTER :each AROUND AFTER :all AFTER :all AFTER :suite

Further around hook related problems

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