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Using before(:all) in RSpec will cause you lots of trouble unless you know what you are doing

TL;DR Avoid before(:all), use before(:each) instead.

If you do use before(:all), you need to know what you are doing and take care of any cleanup yourself.


Understand this:

  • before(:all) is run when the context/describe block begins,
  • before(:all) is run outside of transactions, so data created here will bleed into other specs
  • before(:each) is run before each spec inside it,

Generally, you'll want a clean setup for each spec so that they are independent of other specs in the same context.


Consider this spec:

describe User, 'something' do before :all do @user = User.make end it 'should so something' do # ... end it 'should so something else' do # ... end end

If you do that, @user will not be re-created for each test. Obviously, this has significant downsides, mostly that changes of one test on that record will bleed into the next one. \
Also, when using DatabaseCleaner with the :deletion strategy, the record will be gone after the first spec.

Doing it right

before(:each) is the right choice in most cases. So, for the above example we say the following and all is well.

describe User, 'something' do before :each do @user = User.make end # ... end

Furthermore, you will probably run into trouble with your RSpec configuration block that does things in config.before(:each), as this will also be run after your individual spec's before(:all) block did things and might revert changes.

Always use before(:each) unless you are totally sure of the impact your before(:all) block has.

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