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Bookmarklet to generate a Pivotal Tracker story from Zammad Ticket

This is a bookmarklet you can add to Chrome or Firefox which will allow you to create a story in Pivotal Tracker from a Zammad ticket. This might come in handy when creating stories for SWAT Teams.

But first you will have to set two variables in the script below:

  • pt_project_id: the ID of the Pivotal Tracker Project you want to add stories to. This can be found as part of the URL of the project (<pt_project_id>)
  • pt_token: the Pivotal Tracker token used for authentication. Can be found in your PT profile or in ~/.gitpt if you have ever used geordi commit
javascript: (function() { var pt_project_id = 'XXX'; var pt_token='XXX'; var url = `${pt_project_id}/stories`; var data = { name: $('.ticket-title-update').first().text(), description: `siehe: ${window.location}`, }; var headers = { 'X-TrackerToken': pt_token }; $.post({ url: url, headers: headers, data: data }).done(function(res) { var story_url = res.url;, '_blank'); }).fail(function(response) { console.log(response); alert( "error logged to console"); }); })();

Now create a new bookmark with arbitrary title and paste the modified script to the URL-field. Don't worry about the newlines in the script.

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