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Shell script to generate a Git commit with Pivotal Tracker story ID and title

We usually generate our commit messages from Pivotal Tracker IDs and titles, like
[#15775609] Index view for conflicts

The geordi command commit automates this. (See: Pretty Commit messages via geordi).

Just run geordi commit and it will connect to PT and let you select from a list of all started and finishes stories. Then it runs git commit with the generated message (i.e. all staged changes will be commited).

When running for the first time, Geordi will request your PT token (found on your profile) and your Pivotal Tracker initials. Those information will be used to fetch data from PT and highlight your stories to spot them easily.

You need to put the PT project IDs (found in the URL at Pivotal Tracker) in a .pt_project_id file within your project directory. \
If you are working on a project that is fed stories from multiple Pivotal Tracker projects you can add those extra IDs to the .pt_project_id as well. Separate them by some kind of whitespace.

Dependencies are Ruby, Rubygems and the highline, yaml and pivotal-tracker gems, auto-installed by Geordi.

Note that while previously there was a file attached to this card, it's part of geordi since version 0.7.0.

We also have a bookmarklet for this.

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