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Git: undo delete

Assuming you're wanting to undo the effects of git rm or rm followed by git add -A or something similar:

This restores the file status in the index:

git reset -- <file>

then check out a copy from the index

git checkout -- <file>

To undo git add , the first line above suffices, assuming you haven't committed yet.


Make sure to use double dashes -- to tell git to checkout a file instead of a branch. This only is relevant for files having the same name as a branch. Also be aware that it is not the same as a single dash, which is a shortcut for @{-1}(the last checked out branch). This means you would checkout the file not from your current but the last branch you were on.

✗ git checkout - <file> # checks out <file> from previous branch ✔ git checkout -- <file>

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