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Debugging your application

If there is an error or if you need to check whether requests are arriving at your server you should check the corresponding logfiles.


Don't forget that you may have multiple application servers and that the log entries will only appear on the server handling the request. You should check on the logfiles on all servers for your deployments.


There are several logfiles belonging to your deployments ( stands for your application name). The logfiles will be stored for each deployment separately (there are some exceptions though).


Here you will find the access.log and the error.log of Apache or Nginx.


The logfiles written by your application should be stored here


Passenger is the application server used to boot your rails application. If your application can not boot due to a critical error you will find the error message here (for e.g. syntax errors or missing secret_key_base). Log messages from different applications are not separated per deployment, as the configuration option of passenger can be configured globally only. Due to that, this log is not available on shared hosting servers.

Live Debugger

This feature of Passenger needs Passenger Enterprise. We can set this up after you provide us with the license.

With this you could attach a irb shell to a running passenger process.

Current state of passenger processes

You can get information about current running passenger processes. As these informations are for all passenger processes and could be called by every deploy user it is not allowed by default (one deploy user could see detailed information of other applications, for e.g. API access keys).
If you want to use this feature please contact our Operations Team.

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