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Bash: Find out the exit codes of all piped commands

Claus-Theodor Riegg
September 15, 2015Software engineer at makandra GmbH

Bash stores the exitcodestatus of piped commands in the environment variable PIPESTATUS

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So you can just echo ${PIPESTATUS[@]} to get them all.

13:52:30 ✔ claus:~$ ps ax | grep /usr/bin/ruby
13205 pts/20   S+     0:00 grep --color=auto /usr/bin/ruby

13:52:43 ✔ claus:~$ echo ${PIPESTATUS[@]}
0 0

PIPESTATUS is an array, so you can get the exitcode of an specific command (first pipe):

13:54:20 ✔ claus:~$ echo ${PIPESTATUS[1]}
Posted by Claus-Theodor Riegg to makandra Operations (2015-09-15 13:50)