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Rails 3.1 gives you free down migrations

In Rails 3.1+, instead of defining a separate up and down method you can define a single method change:

class AddComparisonFieldsToReport < ActiveRecord::Migration def change add_column :reports, :compare, :boolean update "UPDATE reports SET compare = #{quoted_false}" add_column :reports, :compare_start_date, :date add_column :reports, :compare_end_date, :date end end

Migrating up works as expected:

b rake db:migrate == AddComparisonFieldsToReport: migrating ==================================== -- add_column(:reports, :compare, :boolean) -> 0.0274s -- quoted_false() -> 0.0000s -- update("UPDATE reports SET compare = 0") -> 0.0018s -> 2 rows -- add_column(:reports, :compare_start_date, :date) -> 0.0610s -- add_column(:reports, :compare_end_date, :date) -> 0.0451s == AddComparisonFieldsToReport: migrated (0.1358s) ===========================

Migrating down also works as expected. Note how destructive commands that cannot be reverted (update) are simply skipped:

b rake db:rollback == AddComparisonFieldsToReport: reverting ==================================== -- remove_column("reports", :compare_end_date) -> 0.0699s -- remove_column("reports", :compare_start_date) -> 0.0448s -- remove_column("reports", :compare) -> 0.0294s == AddComparisonFieldsToReport: reverted (0.1444s) ===========================

By refactoring problematic code and creating automated tests, makandra can vastly improve the maintainability of your Rails application.

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