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Use "overflow: hidden" to avoid floating elements from wrapping a container's text

We use flexbox for this use case now.

Consider this HTML:

<div id="container"> <div id="actions"> <a href="#">Click me!</a> </div> <div id="content"> Hello Universe! Hello Universe! Hello Universe! Hello Universe! Hello Universe! Hello Universe! </div> </div>

If you want the actions element to float on the left, you'd just say this in your CSS:

#actions { float: left; }

Unfortunately, any content of the content's text will wrap underneath it:


If you don't want that but actually wish for longer text to stay on the same vertical boundaries, use overflow: hidden on the element whose content you don't want to see wrapping:

#actions { float: left; } #content { overflow: hidden; }

Now it's pretty:


The reason behind this is that "overflow: hidden" will give you a new block formatting context. You could use other attributes as well, but overflow: hidden works nicely without interfering much.

Follow the attached link for a (more verbose) example.

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