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Useful collection of Sass mixins

This collection of Sass mixins enables cross-browser styling (including IE with CSS3PIE) with less lines of code.

This enables PIE for IE up to version 8 only (the first part is not possible in Haml, so use ERB):

<!--[if !IE]><!--> <%= stylesheet_link_tag 'screen', :media => 'screen' %> <!--<![endif]--> <!--[if lte IE 8]> <%= stylesheet_link_tag 'screen_with_pie', :media => 'screen' %> <![endif]-->

These would be your two screen Sasses:

# screen_with_pie.sass =pie behavior: url(/stylesheets/lib/ position: relative @import base.sass # screen.sass =pie // No pie for you @import base.sass

Finally, in your base.sass, you can @import mixins.sass from the attached file.\
Please not that it's still using the old Sass syntax (! variables instead of $) and will be updated eventually.

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