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Taking advantage of RSpec's "let" in before blocks

Arne Hartherz
September 30, 2010Software engineer at makandra GmbH

Inside before :each blocks you can refer to variables that you introduce via let later on.

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They do not need to be defined ahead of your before block and can be different for individual sections.

It works just like that:

describe User do
  describe '#locked?' do
    before :each do
      subject.should_receive(:current_plan).and_return plan
    context 'when expiring today' do
      let(:plan) { stub(:expiry => }
      it 'should be false' do
        subject.should_not be_locked
    context 'when expired yesterday' do
      let(:plan) { stub(:expiry => Date.yesterday) }
      it 'should be true' do
        subject.should be_locked

Note this does not work for local variables you set in your it blocks.

Posted by Arne Hartherz to makandra dev (2010-09-30 14:26)