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Hack-fix Selenium::WebDriver::Element#select is deprecated

In some older Capybara versions (e.g. 0.3.9), we're getting lots of deprecations warnings:

Selenium::WebDriver::Element#select is deprecated. Please use Selenium::WebDriver::Element#click and determine the current state with Selenium::WebDriver::Element#selected?

Hani-elabed on Github helps. Add this code to features/support/env.rb to remove them temporarily:

# June 30th, 2011 # a temporary hack to disable the annoying upstream warnings capybara > selenium-webdriver 0.2.2 # capybara folks know about this and are working on it. See: # # Remove this whole block when Capybara 1.0.1 or greater are used module Selenium module WebDriver class Element # # Select this element # def select #warn "#{self.class}#select is deprecated. Please use #{self.class}#click and determine the current state with #{self.class}#selected?" unless displayed? raise Error::ElementNotDisplayedError, "you may not select an element that is not displayed" end unless enabled? raise Error::InvalidElementStateError, "cannot select a disabled element" end unless selectable? raise Error::InvalidElementStateError, "you may only select options, radios or checkboxes" end click unless selected? end end end end

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