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Collect a Hash from an Array

Often the built-in group_by Archive and index_by Archive methods will do the trick.

Since Ruby 2.1 you can use to_h to create a Hash by mapping over an array:

users = User.all users_by_id = { |user| [, user] }.to_h

Since Ruby 1.9 Hashes maintain the insertion order of their keys and values.

Legacy solution: collect_hash monkey patch

The attached initializer will let you create a hash from an array in a single method call.

  • Copy the attached initializer to config/initializers
  • All enumerables (arrays, sets, scopes, etc.) now have an additional method collect_hash
  • The method takes a block. The block is called for each element in the array and should return a 2-tuple where the first element is the key and the second element is the value.
  • A key/value entry is skipped when the block returns nil.


The following will turn a list of User records into a hash where the keys are the users' ids and the values are the users' attribute hashes:

users = User.all user_plans = users.collect_hash do |u| [, u.attributes] end

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