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Events triggered by jQuery cannot be observed by native event listeners

jQuery has a function $.fn.trigger(). You can use it to dispatch an event on a jQuery object:

let $element = $('.foo') $element.trigger('change')

A caveat is that such an event will be received by jQuery event listeners, but not by native event listeners:

let $element = $('.foo') $element.on('change', event => console.log('I will be called')) $element[0].addEventListener('change', event => console.log('I WON'T be called')) $element.trigger('change')

This is currently a WONTFIX for jQuery (see closed issues #2476, #3347).

Note that if you trigger a native event instead, it will be received both by jQuery event listeners ($.fn.on()) and native event listeners (Element#addEventListeners()):

let $element = $('.foo') $element.on('change', event => console.log('I will be called')) $element[0].addEventListener('change', event => console.log('I will also be called')) let event = new CustomEvent('change') $element[0].dispatchEvent(event)

Impact and workarounds

This is an issue if and only if:

  1. Your app has native event listeners registered using Element#addEventListener()
  2. Your app triggers event listeners using jQuery's trigger()

If possible, change your app so it doesn't use jQuery's trigger() function. Instead trigger native events using Element#dispatchEvent() or Unpoly's up.emit().

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