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Do not rescue inline in Ruby

Arne Hartherz
February 29, 2012Software engineer at makandra GmbH

When you are calling a method that may raise an exception that you don't care about, you might think of doing something like this:

@user = User.power_find(something) rescue
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Do not do that! You will be rescuing away StandardError and all its subclasses, like NameError -- meaning that even a typo in your code won't raise an error.

Instead, rescue the exception type that you are expecting:

@user = begin
rescue ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound

This also applies to the quite popular "rescue nil" and "full" rescue blocks that don't explicitly rescue away an error class:

  # do stuff
  # rescues any StandardError

Note that there may be cases where you want to rescue all errors. Only use that if you know the impact it has on your application and are absolutely fine with it.

Posted by Arne Hartherz to makandra dev (2012-02-29 14:36)