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Change Paperclip secrets the hard way

So you screwed up and copied Paperclip secrets from one project to another. Here is a semi-automatic, painful way to migrate your existing attachment files to new locations.

You need to follow this step by step, do not just copy the whole thing into the console!

# 1. Get old paths by doing something like this on the console: old_paths = ModelWithAttachment.all.collect { |m| [, File.dirname(m.image.path(:original)).gsub(/original$/, '') ] if m.image.file? }.compact.uniq # 2. Now change the Paperclip secret on the console (just paste the new initializer) and once more type: new_paths = ModelWithAttachment.all.collect { |m| [, File.dirname(m.image.path(:original)).gsub(/original$/, '') ] if m.image.file? }.compact.uniq # 3. Now turn all absolute paths in the arrays above into relative ones (use search + replace). # Usually you want to replace this part of the paths: '/opt/www/' # 4. Also change the directory in the new_paths array so they are all saved to a separate folder. # 5. Now paste the following script into the console. # Attention, the Gnome terminal likes to eat characters when pasting long scripts! # Better copy this file to the user home and require it from there. old_paths_map = Hash[*old_paths.flatten] new_paths_map = Hash[*new_paths.flatten] old_paths_map.each do |id, old_path| new_path = File.dirname(new_paths_map[id]) FileUtils.mkdir_p new_path p `cp -R "#{old_path}" "#{new_path}"` end # 6. After the script has run make sure you compare at least the sizes of old and new folders. Better look into the directory structure, too. # 7. Now you can switch the folders and remove the old one. Also switch your code to the new secret and deploy your new code!
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