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Ubuntu: Disable webcam microphone

Andreas Vöst
March 12, 2024Software engineer at makandra GmbH

If you want to system-wide disable the microphone of your external webcam in PulseAudio use the following one-liners:

# Connected cards
$ pactl list short cards
1       alsa_card.pci-0000_00_1f.3      module-alsa-card.c
5       alsa_card.usb-Lenovo_ThinkPad_Thunderbolt_4_Dock_USB_Audio_000000000000-00      module-alsa-card.c
6       alsa_card.usb-HD_Webcam_C270_HD_Webcam_C270-02  module-alsa-card.c

# Disable  HD_Webcam_C27
$ pactl list short cards | grep HD_Webcam_C27 | cut -f2 | xargs -rt -I % pactl set-card-profile % off
pactl set-card-profile alsa_card.usb-HD_Webcam_C270_HD_Webcam_C270-02 off
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This will prevent all HD_Webcam_C270_HD webcams from being used as microphone in Google Meet, Teams, Zoom or any other tool.

Posted by Andreas Vöst to makandra dev (2024-03-12 15:58)