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Do not pass all params into url_for

Arne Hartherz
September 13, 2023Software engineer at makandra GmbH

Rails' url_for is useful for generating routes from a Hash, but can lead to an open redirect vulnerability Show snapshot .

The problem

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Imagine your application contains code that checks if the current request's path is what it would generate internally.
If different, it would redirect users to the generated/expected path.

expected_path = url_for(params.to_unsafe_h)

if expected_path != request.original_fullpath
  redirect_to expected_path

This works, but doing it like that you've just introduced an Open Redirect vulnerability.

It's as simple as passing a host=evil.tld URL parameter. Rails would see url_for(..., host: "evil.tld") and happily generate a URL to that foreign host.
This makes phishing much easier, because an attacker can use links with your application's hostname, cause a redirect to evil.tld and present a sign-in form which looks like yours. Users will enter their login credentials and submit them to evil.tld.

What can I do?

  • Use request.path_parameters. That will exclude values like :host, :only_path, etc and is safe to generate paths inside your application. Note that it does not include query parameters.
  • Use redirect_to(url, allow_other_host: false) to avoid redirecting to foreign hosts. Careful: this only works for redirect_to. If you say e.g. link_to expected_path you'll still generate a link to a foreign host.
  • Use slice and/or exclude, like so: url_for(params.to_unsafe_h.exclude(:host, :protocol)). To feel extra safe, you can add merge(only_path: true) but excluding :host should have taken care of that.

Rails 7 mitigates Open Redirects by default

In Rails 7 applications, redirect_to defaults to allow_other_host: false.
If you want to redirect to foreign hosts, you must specify allow_other_host: true instead.

As mentioned above, this helps only with redirect_to, not if you place such URLs in links or similar.

Posted by Arne Hartherz to makandra dev (2023-09-13 15:27)