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How to find a Google API project by project number

When you created a project on the Google API Console which is not being used, you may receive an e-mail like the following one.

This is to inform you that we noticed your project(s) has not accessed or used the YouTube Data API Service in the past 60 days.

For reference, your inactive project number is ...

While projects do have names, the e-mail will only tell you its (generated) number. But if you use the API Console's search, you won't get any results for project numbers. Also, project numbers are not visible when you click and open projects from the API Console dashboard.

Here is what worked for me:

  1. Visit the Google API Console at
  2. Open the navigation menu (naviburger icon at the top left)
  3. Navigate to "IAM & admin" → "Settings"
  4. This will show settings for the currently selected project, including its project number.
  5. Switch projects using the dropdown menu at the top until you find the project number you are looking for.


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