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Native share dialog on mobile Chrome

Mobile Chrome (and the Safari Technology Preview) support the "web share API" which allow you to use the native share functionality of an Android phone. When clicking a share button using this API, the browser will automatically show all installed applications that support content sharing, such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, e-mail etc.

The API is extremely simple to use:

if ( typeof(navigator.share) === 'function' ) { let data = { url: '<url to share>', title: '<title to share>', text: '<text to share>', } $element.on('click', (event) => { navigator.share(data) return false }) }

If you require feedback, navigator.share will return a promise that resolves or rejects, depending on whether the sharing was completed.

Note that this will only work on https pages, so to test it in development, you will have to start your development server with SSL.

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