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How to: Run geordi in a single proccess with parallel test setup

Geordi uses parallel_tests if available for running the test suite. To debug an application it is very unhandy to have multiple processes as your terminal I/O will not work as expected once a breakpoint is hit.

Even parallel_tests support an option to enable a single process run, it is not possible to pass this option through geordi. But you can set the number of processes via ENV variable manually:

PARALLEL_TEST_PROCESSORS=1 bundle exec geordi cucumber

Alternatively, you can run the vanilla cucumber command with Geordi's VNC niceties with

geordi firefox b cucumber geordi chrome b cucumber # Alias

The suggestion solution is only necessary if it is relevant to run all tests. Single tests are always run single threaded:

bundle exec geordi cucumber features/some.feature

Use cases:
- Somewhere in the test run a deprecation warning is thrown and you want to find out which test throws this deprecation warning.

There are other workarounds, too:
- Rspec: bundle exec rspec
- Cucumber: DISPLAY=:17 bundle exec cucumber (Just like geordi uses port 17 for VNC to not see a test browser)

By refactoring problematic code and creating automated tests, makandra can vastly improve the maintainability of your Rails application.

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