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Fix PNG colors in IE, old Safaris and new Firefoxes

Some browsers render PNG images with color profiles and other shenanigans, some don't. Remove some PNG chunks to render colors uniformly.

Geordi brings a command png-optimize which conveniently optimizes your PNGs for the web. See Github for a description

  • Single file and batch optimization is supported
  • png-optimize will overwrite the original files

Without Geordi

sudo apt-get install pngcrush
  • Single file:

    pngcrush -rem alla input.png output.png
  • Batch processing (will put the files into a "fixed" directory):

    pngcrush -d fixed/ -rem alla *.png
Use TweakPNG
Use ImageOptim

More info about pngcrush

pngcrush -rem allb -reduce -brute original.png optimized.png pngcrush -d target-dir/ *.png
  • -rem allb: remove all extraneous data (except transparency and gamma; to
    remove everything except transparency, try -rem alla)
  • -reduce: eliminate unused colors and reduce bit-depth (if possible)
  • -brute: attempt all optimization methods (requires MUCH more processing time
    and may not improve optimization by much)
  • original.png: the name of the original (unoptimized) PNG file
  • optimized.png: the name of the new, optimized PNG file

  • -d target-dir/: bulk convert into this directory target-dir
  • -rem cHRM -rem sRGB -rem gAMA -rem ICC: remove color profiles by name (shortcut -rem alla)

An article explaining why removing gamma correction:

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