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Parse XML or HTML with Nokogiri

To parse XML-documents, I recommend the gem nokogiri.

A few hints:

  • xml = Nokogiri::XML("<list><item>foo</item><item>bar</item></list>") parses an xml string. You can also call Nokogiri::HTML to be more liberal about accepting invalid XML.
  • xml / 'list item' returns all matching nodes; list item is used like a CSS selector
  • xml / './/list/item' also returns all matching nodes, but .//list/item is now an XPath selector
    • XPath seems to be triggered by a leading . or /
  • xml % 'item' returns the first matching node
  • node.attribute('foo') returns the attribute named foo
  • node.attribute('foo').value returns its value
  • node.content returns the content

Careful with XPath:

Whenever an XML document declares a namespace, like

<list xmlns="'> <item /> </list>

xml % './/list' will not match any more (since there is no list tag any more, just a {}:list tag).

You may use xml % './/xmlns:list' instead.

XPath examples

XPath sandbox

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