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Raising JavaScript errors in Cucumber scenarios and how to silence them for particular scenarios

Raising JavaScript errors in Cucumber

With selenium JavaScript errors do not cause any failure in your cucumber scenarios. To archive a failure we can use the the Ruby bindings to Selenium Webdriver expose the Webdriver logging API introduced in version 2.38 .

The following step can be used:

Then /^there should be no JavaScript errors$/ do if alert_present? # Chrome 54 and/or Chromedriver 2.24 introduced a breaking change on how # accessing browser logs work. # # Apparently, while an alert/confirm is open, Chrome will block any requests # to its `getLog` API. # This causes Selenium to time out with a `Net::ReadTimeout` error else errors = page.driver.browser.manage.logs.get(:browser) errors.reject! do |error| case when error.level == 'WARNING' # CSS warnings, or similar error.message !~ /Deferred exception/ # error in promise when error.message.include?('Failed to load resource:') # Invalid images etc. true when error.message !~ %r(\Ahttp://127\.0\.0\.1:\d+/) # Errors on foreign domains (like twitter) true else false end end if errors.any? raise (['There are JavaScript errors:'] +"\n\n") end end end

Wrapped in a AfterStep-Hook this step will force your test scenario to fail when JavaScript errors are raised.

AfterStep do step 'there should be no JavaScript errors' if selenium? end

This is almost always the desired behavior. However sometimes you want to ignore JavaScript errors explicitly.

How to silence them for particular scenarios

If you want to silence JavaScript errors, you can use a tag to exclude particular scenarios.

AfterStep 'not @silence_javascript_errors' do step 'there should be no JavaScript errors' if selenium? end

All Scenarios which are now tagged with @silence_javascript_errors will not fail on JavaScript errors.

This tag should only be used if you are 100% sure, that the Javascript error is the desired behavior. Don't use it to fix broken tests!!

If you don't want to ignore JavaScript errors completely in tagged scenarios, you can add the following step which prints the message to the cucumber console output.

AfterStep '@silence_javascript_errors' do errors = page.driver.browser.manage.logs.get(:browser) if errors.present? errors.each do |error| STDERR.puts 'WARNING: javascript error raised and ignored' STDERR.puts error.message end end end

Cucumber output doesn't show JavaScript errors with the default progress formatter

Cucumber's "progress" formatter (many dots) do not show the JavaScript errors raised in the AfterStep above. The scenario will simply fail without an error message.

To see the error message, use the verbose formatter:

cucumber --debug

Or if you are using geordi:

geordi cucumber --debug
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