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Rails: How to use prepend to avoid monkey patches in modules

Let's say you have a gem which has the following module:

module SuperClient def 'Foo' end def bar 'Bar' end end

For reasons you need to override foo and bar.

Keep in mind: Your code quality is getting worse with with each prepend (other developers are not happy to find many library extensions). Try to avoid it if possible.

  1. Add a lib/ext/super_client.rb to your project (Folder or file needs to be required in an initializer)
  2. Add the extension, which overrides both methods (prepend is available since ruby >=2)
module SuperClientExtension def self.prepended(base) base.singleton_class.send(:prepend, ClassMethods) end module ClassMethods def foo 'New foo' end end def bar 'New bar' end end module SuperClient prepend SuperClientExtension end


class Test; include SuperClient; end => 'New foo' => 'New bar'
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