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Fast Navigation Tips In Dev Tools

Felix Eschey
November 15, 2022Software engineer at makandra GmbH

Hide/Show Drawer

You can press Escape to show/hide the drawer.

Fast Navigation with Command Menu

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Use Ctrl + Shift + p to open Command Menu, where you can switch to different panels, toggle settings etc.

Reorder DevTools panels and Drawer tabs and combine them by moving them up and down to and from the Drawer.

Right click on any tab and then choose Move to top / Move to bottom

Change DevTools layout from auto to always horizontal or vertical.

Click on Settings > Preferences > Panel Layout, Choose between Horizontal / Vertical / Auto

Customize DevTools shortcuts.

Go to Settings > Experiments > Enable keyboard shortcut editor.

Posted by Felix Eschey to makandra dev (2022-11-15 10:49)