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Carrierwave: Built-in RSpec matchers

CarrierWave comes with some RSpec matchers which will make testing more comfortable. Let's say you have an Uploader like this:

class MyUploader < CarrierWave::Uploader::Base include CarrierWave::MiniMagick # Create different versions of your uploaded files: version :small do process resize_to_fill: [100, 100] end version :medium do process resize_to_fit: [200, nil] end version :large do process resize_to_limit: [400, 400] end end

Imagine you have a class Movie with an attribute poster. In your spec file, you can add tests to check the dimensions of the several versions by writing

RSpec.describe Movie, type: :model do include CarrierWave::Test::Matchers describe '#poster' do before do @movie = FactoryBot.create(:movie)!('spec/fixtures/test_poster.jpg')) end describe '.small' do it "scales down an image to be exactly 100 by 100 pixels" do expect(@movie.poster.small).to have_dimensions(100, 100) end end describe '.medium' do it "scales down an image to be no wider than 200 pixels" do expect(@movie.poster.medium).to be_no_wider_than(200) end end describe '.large' do it "scales down a landscape image to be no larger than 400 by 400 pixels" do expect(@movie.poster.large).to be_no_larger_than(400, 400) end end end end

A more specific example can be found in the Readme of carrierwave. A list of all matchers can be found here.

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