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Prefer using Dir.mktmpdir when dealing with temporary directories in Ruby

Ruby's standard library includes a class for creating temporary directories. Similar to Tempfile Archive it creates a unique directory name.


  • You need to use a block or take care of the cleanup manually
  • You can create a prefix and suffix e.g. Dir.mktmpdir(['foo', 'bar']) => /tmp/foo20220912-14561-3g93n1bar
  • You can choose a different base directory than Dir.tmpdir e.g. Dir.mktmpdir('foo', Rails.root.join('tmp')) => /home/user/rails_example/tmp/foo20220912-14561-pyr8qd. This might be necessary when your tests are running on CI. For this you might also want to commit tmp/.gitkeep to git so the tmp dir inside your project is present.


Dir.mktmpdir('exports') => "/tmp/exports20220912-14561-pobh0a"

Improving your parallel tests with Dir.mktmpdir

When creating directories in parallel tests manually, you normally need to handle these issues:

  1. When multiple processes read and write to a directory with the same name e.g. tmp/some-test-folder you might end up in flaky specs.
  2. There is no guarantee that a folder is always removed e.g. in case your test run crashes. Following tests might see outdated files from a previous test run.

#mktmpdir solves these. However, you should still remove them after you're done. Here are three options:

Option 1: Using a block

it 'does something with a temporary directory' do Dir.mktmpdir('exports') do |export_folder_path| # ... end end

Option 2: Ensuring the removal of the folder

it 'does something with a temporary directory' do export_path = Dir.mktmpdir('exports') # ... ensure FileUtils.remove_entry(export_path) end

Option 3: Using a before/after block

before { @export_path = Dir.mktmpdir('exports') } after do if @export_path.present? FileUtils.remove_entry(@export_path) end end it 'does something with a temporary directory' do # ... end

Option 4: Without Dir.mktmpdir

Use something like "#{Rails.env}#{ENV['TEST_ENV_NUMBER']}" in you directory path when using Dir.mkdir.

Further reading:

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