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Rails: Comparison of Dates - before? and after?


Since Rails 6+ you can use before? and after? to check if a date/time is before or after another date/time.


christmas = Date.parse('24.12.2022') date_of_buying_a_gift = Date.parse('12.12.2022') date_of_buying_a_gift.before?(christmas) # => true # Now you are well prepared for Christmas!! ;) date_of_buying_a_gift = Date.parse('26.12.2022') date_of_buying_a_gift.after?(christmas) # => true # Now you are too late for christmas! :(


If you want to check if a date/time is between to other dates/times, you can use between? Archive .


Technically before? and after? are only aliases for :< and :>, for details see here Archive .

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