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Rails: Default HTTP status codes when redirecting

When redirecting you should take care to use the right HTTP status code.

From controllers

When redirecting from a controller Archive , the default status code is 302 Moved Temporarily:

redirect_to posts_url # HTTP 302 Moved Temporarily

To use a different code, pass a :status option:

redirect_to posts_url, status: 301

From routes

When redirecting from your config/routes.rb Archive , the default status code is 301 Moved Permanently:

get '/stories', to: redirect('/articles') # HTTP 301 Moved Permanently

To use a different code, pass a :status option:

get '/stories', to: redirect('/articles', status: 302)


By default Archive Rails sends a header Cache-Control: max-age=0, private, must-revalidate with all responses, including redirects. That means if you accidentally use a permenent redirect, it is not cached in browsers.

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