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Geordi 1.9 released

New features:

geordi delete_dumps [directory]

Recursively search for files ending in *.dump and offer to delete those. When no argument is given, two default directories are searched for dump files: the current working directory and ~/dumps (for dumps created with geordi).

geordi drop_databases

Delete local MySQL/MariaDB and Postgres databases that are not whitelisted.

Authentication is handled via PAM for Postgres and MariaDB, via .my.cnf with fallback to mysql -p for MySQL. Different connection methods can be chosen via command line switches, e.g. for cleaning up multiple local database server installations in batches.

Derivative database names like foo_development and foo_test4 for foo are handled together with foo to allow for per-project whitelisting of database names.

Make sure to check out geordi help drop_databases for additional command line arguments.

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