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vagrant < 2.2.9: handle conflicting host only adapter

I sometimes had the issue that I received an error when starting an existing vagrant box with vagrant up:

A host only network interface you're attempting to configure via DHCP already has a conflicting host only adapter with DHCP enabled. The DHCP on this adapter is incompatible with the DHCP settings. Two host only network interfaces are not allowed to overlap, and each host only network interface can have only one DHCP server. Please reconfigure your host only network or remove the virtual machine using the other host only network.

This is a bug in vagrant < 2.2.9. To work around this issue, put the following snippet to the top of your Vagrantfile:

class VagrantPlugins::ProviderVirtualBox::Action::Network def dhcp_server_matches_config?(dhcp_server, config) true end end

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